Directed by: Brian Thomas Jones
Written by: Brian Thomas Jones, Simon Nuchtern
Stars: Vivian Lanko, John MacKay... read more

Year: 1988
Genrer: Horror, SciFi
Run time: 1h 30min
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

The Rejuvenator or The Rejuvenatrix is a movie about mad scientists who tries to find the fountain of youth. It reveals many cinematic influences such as:

RE-ANIMATOR for its title but also the use of a serum which here is not inoculated on the dead in order to give them life but on a living actress wishing to keep the beauty of her youth eternally. Roger Cormans WOMAN WOMAN at the height of his career as a filmmaker BIS. DR JECKYLL & MR HYDE for personality duplication and physical transformation. THE HISTORY OF ERZEBZTH BATHORY; the famous countess who killed young virgins in order to bathe in their blood hoping thus to keep not to undergo the physical roughnesses of life. THE VINEYARD who uses the blood of his prisoners to make his wine by asking his god to give him eternal life. TREATMENT OF SHOCK French thriller that takes place in an institute during a course of rejuvenation.

You will have to understood that the subject of this film is to find and stabilize a serum allowing to remain beautiful (well beautiful in our case) and young It is here that it spoils for our great blood and / or gore thirst! The side effects of the serum do not wait long before making their appearance. To start Elizabeth aged quickly, to give way to the final to a monstrous face, bulbous very blob! This series B, survivor who could quickly sink into the meanders of the Z, is effective level S.F.X., heads swell, mutant mice, partially torn limbs, blood spurts and the probe fixed on the heart are credible or even realistic!

We appreciate the actress who will have endured hours of application and removal of layers of make-up while some would have opted for a lining in a rubber suit. They become more and more complex as the side effects of the famous serum progress) and are applied directly to the face and hands of the actress. The flesh seems to swell like large skin bubbles (and this thanks to bladders Air hidden under a miscarry skin), while his hands become knotty, like those of birds of prey but more elongated.

The film suffers from slowness, nothing really changes. Several scenes of discussion between the patient and the doctor about the problem, scenes from laboratory experiments, a club scene where Elizabeth tries to find a man are too long and repetitive. Rejuvenator could easily pass for an episode of The Tales of the Crypt or Masters of Horror if it had been shorter and therefore more effective. It would have been much of these minutes of interminable rushes, filming unnecessary things and it's too tedious. It could also belong to the famous firm TROMA which would have credited a greater fame and appreciation of the public!

The horror genre never has the favorite style of director / screenwriter Brian Thomas Jones, hence his surprise when the producer, Steven Mackler, offers this film ... beginner, but wants to gain experience, he accepts Provided that he could make some modifications to the original scenario. The agreement reached, takes matters into its own hands and created a more moderate feature than the initially planned surge of gore! Jones had definitely had big and beautiful ambitions on paper but cannot put it on the screen.

Somehow it tries to blend in with the content of vanity, greed and corpses, but without success! There is not enough detail for the spectators who expect more. Fortunately the performance and transformation of Ruth performed by Vivian Lanko (THE REFRIGERATOR) and her actress qualities, (rare in these productions with small / medium budget), succeed in passing emotions. It also includes the anecdotal presence of Jessica Dublin, who played Toxies mother in THE TOXIC AVENGER II and III as to the rest of the team nothing transcendent so protagonists are bland and hardly arouse empathy.

To conclude REJUVENATRIX is predictable at the beginning but allows to pass a pleasant moment with his (small) batch of blood, a pure entertainment of horror, which looks good, if one is able to accept the technical hardness Which is also the charm of some films of the 80s!


Produced by: Bernard E. Goldberg, Steven D. Mackler, Robert Zimmerman
Cinematography by: James McCalmont
Editing by: Brian O'Hara
Special Effects by: Ed French, Dan Frye, Bruce Spaulding Fuller
Music by: Larry Juris
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Castle Home Video