Written by: Alexander Gustafsson
Penciled by: Alexander Gustafsson
Alt. cover by: Geff Bartrand

Special thanks to: Byron Dunbar

Year: 2016
Genrer: VampiresZombies, Horror, Comedy
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

From Norway indie artist and writer Alexander Gustafsson delivers a comic which you might not have heard about but is making the rounds in the underground scene. If you follow the links provided you can also access the other material Gustafsson has available so do some digging and get your mitts on some funny and gory underground comics.

Sick In The Head features comedic style cartoon artwork but spiked with some extreme violence and an abundance of humor with lots of one liners. It's a tribute to old school horror movies by mixing many elements such as slasher films, vampire movies and zombies and the result is a hilarious mix of funny nonstop carnage. Its pages are black and white and in English, the story is kind of all over the place but its amusing and fast paced so it results in being entertaining.

Sick In The Head tells the story of a washed up b-movie producer Larry who is trying to salvage his career but his latest horror bomb is doing just that, bottoming out at ground zero. To make things worse an undead serial killer, real life vampires with an igor-like goon and more show up to kill Larry, his nephew Willy and the rest of the crew. Larry and Willy follow a lead they discover from an old director friend which leads to a surreal and terrifying discovery. Lots of shootings, stabbings, stakings and much more as Larry and Willy fight their way through the different array of horror baddies while dropping some so bad their good lines.

It's great to see such indie material as this making a go of it and its definitely something cool and fresh to discover so support the little guys, they work hard and deserve it. You can purchase digital and paperback versions of Gustaffson's work including Sick In The Head at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Zombarbie so check it out and support this talented writer and artist.


Country: Norway
Distributor: Lulu



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