Directed by: Yan Kaos
Written by: Yan Kaos
Stars: Yan Kaos, Nemesis Bathory, Melyssa B, Nadia G, Nekroval Bundy

Year: 2017
Genrer: Horror, Gore
Run time: 59 min
My rating: 5 out of 5

Canadian madman and indie underground gore director Yan Kaos has unleashed his latest gore soaked masterpiece Meat Butcher Baby 2: Twin Sisters Massacre. Bringing the underground home to Canada doing stuff that is mostly done in Europe Yan has stayed true to his heart and delivered an hour of mesmerizing close up gore carnage, most of which is inflicted on his significant other Nemesis Bathory who takes on the role of twins in the picture.

Following on the heels of one of his more well known entries that put a major blip on the gore radar, the original Meat Butcher Baby which was a definitive and rough punk/hardcore anarchistic vision of snuff style film making. Yan has learned a few new tricks since then and has bettered his film making style and effects work. Never believing in receiving funding for his movies, only from selling his own movies and merchandise. Yan's label D.I.Y. or Do It Yourself Productions are anything but mainstream and make their movies for themselves first and then the fans.

Meat Butcher Baby features zero dialogue as in previous releases and relies on strong visuals, atmosphere and most importantly buckets of blood. Yan and Nemesis Bathory have really outdone themselves in the gore arena in this one pulling out all the stops. Incorporating some great visuals as well such as a fog filled cemetery with a superior evil ambient soundtrack courtesy of Marc Andre Bouche

The gore contained in this one is legendary, eyeball pulling, entrail ripping, a saw takes the top off a head, makeshift brain surgery, a breast is filleted, a fetus is put through a meat grinder, an awesome lower jaw removal and much more contained here. This is a low budget gore fiends dream and necessary in all gorehounds collections. True pure underground Armageddon which never fails to disappoint. Lets hope Yan continues to release more material but there is a chance he told me this may be his last foray in the gore stadium, say it ain't so! Lets hope this couple continue their mutual love for the dark arts and continue celebrating their gore fantasies on the screen because the results are legendary underground film making. Contact Yan DIY on Facebook or Ame Lee and pick a copy of this ASAFP. In Canadian underground gore we trust.


Produced by: Yan Kaos
Cinematography by: Yan Kaos, Nemesis Bathory
Editing by: Yan Kaos and Yanima Studio
Special Effects by: Yan Kaos, Nemesis Bathory
Music by: Marc Andre Boucher
Country: Canada
Language: None
Color: Color

Distributor: D.I.Y. Productions