Directed by: Brad Twigg
Written by: Brad Twigg, James L. Edwards, Matt Hill
Stars: H.G Lewis, John A. Russo, George Stover...read more

Year: 2017
Genrer: Horror, Slasher
Run time: 1h 26m
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Film maker Brad Twigg has a deranged passion for old school horror and you can see how he infuses his own films with a taste for classic horror under his company Fuzzy Monkey Films. With such titles as Frames Of Fear, Fiendish Fables, House Of Profane, Milfs Vs. Zombies and even his upcoming Wrestle Massacre Twigg is keeping the days of the horror films of yester year alive. There is nothing better than a die hard horror fan in the directors chair and in this case with Killer Campout Twigg has brought his own vision of a classic eighties slasher onto the screen.

The result is an over the top, campy and gory romp warping back into the days of The Prowler, The Prey, Friday The 13th, Just Before Dawn, The Burning, Madman and countless others which littered the eighties horror slasher scene. It's even got a spoken introduction from the grandfather of gore himself, Hershcell Gordon Lewis (director of Bloodfeast, Two Thousand Maniacs, Wizard Of Gore etc) who the movie is also dedicated to, may he rest in peace. The music score at times is eerily reminiscent of Greydon Clark's Just Before Dawn and Twigg keeps it campy just as the title suggests it's definitely a campout in more ways than one, literal and figuratively.

Killer Campout tells the tale of a madman in the woods who abducts a couple, kills the boyfriend and rapes his girl to impregnate her and get the baby to raise as his own little satan spawn. Years later its 1989 and a group of troubled young people are brought into the woods for a weekend retreat of healing therapy only to fall victim to the same camouflage wearing killer. We also get bunch of other characters such as bumbling police aimlessly wandering through the woods, horny couples, random old guys and a couple bent on revenge against the killer himself.

Lots of homages and an old school feel to this one make it a treat. The gore and blood splatter relentlessly, we get a lot of blood splatter like a garden hose is pumping it high into the air. There is enough splatter to keep gore hounds interested and its in abundance. The killer uses this crazy road sign axe which he anatomically dismantles his victims with, its like a stop sign and other highway signs fused into an axe blade which was cool and bizarre.

I'm not sure if anyone remembers Crazy Ralph from Friday The 13th or any token creepy old guy that delivers the death warning telling people to leave or they will face a horrible doom. There is a Crazy Ralph-like character in Killer Campout because a slasher throwback wouldn't be complete without it. The acting in Killer Campout is absolutely horrendous and I'm not sure if the stars were told to deliver their lines in this fashion but its almost unbearable in particular scenes. if you can get past this then you'll have fun with Killer Campout as its seriously a campy, gory and humorous take on the old school slasher movie.


Produced by: Brad Twigg, Leslie Monk, Rick Jermain
Cinematography by: Brad Twigg
Editing by: Brad Twigg
Special Effects by: Leslie Monk, Lisa Rhoades Jett, Bethany Shana
Music by: Caroline Blue, Wayne W. Johnson
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Fuzzy Monkey Films