Directed by: Emir Skalonja
Written by: Emir Skalonja
Stars: Nicole Skalonja, Krystal Shenk, Jose Rivera, Brian Warden

Year: 2017
Genrer: Horror, Short
Run time: 14 min
My rating: 4 out of 5

Buffalo New York indie film maker Emir Skalonja has ambitiously been putting out lots of material and staying busy following his passion for making indie film on shoe string budgets. With numerous releases under his belt, most of which star friends and family Skalonja has been able to do some very entertaining work and has bypassed budgetary restraints for ingenuity and some great effects work from friend Sean Patrick Saramark. Skalonja's material is always well shot in crisp HD and Ava Satanas is no exception.

This black and white short looks remarkable, the music and atmosphere is fitting and it tells a simple yet very effective tale of satanic retribution where evil is used to fight evil. That feeling of sheer dread and darkness really permeates in this short, the stars just align perfectly for the material showcased here. The 13 minute run time works well and gives the short enough time to thoughtfully convey its message and that music score creates the perfect mood and set up. At the appropriate time we also get a blast of metal from Hubris when the gore and violence kicks in at the perfect moment.

Ave Satanas tells the story of a woman (played by director Skalonja's wife Nicole) who is violated by two men and seeks revenge in the arms of a evil female figure (Krystal Skenk). A deal is made where the woman needs to give up her soul or something of this nature in return for this deed to be carried out. The two men are located and swift justice is administered in fine gory detail, the effects are well done by Sean Patrick Saramark with the black and white setting giving the blood a more evil appearance as it flows in deep dark black waves. Another element which works in Ave Satanas favor is the eerie abandoned church in which part of the story takes place. When you hear the cliched saying location is key, its actually very true and in this short it adds a whole new level of unique atmosphere and visceral awareness.

Skalonja has impressed me with Ave Satanas and I only wish there were more black metal horror films because the two evidently go hand in hand. It should be a sub genre like nunsploitation, blaxploitatin, cannibal films etc. Skalonja is an intelligent, hard working and highly motivated indie director most importantly a nice guy that deserves your support so contact Foxtrot Productions on Facebook or Underground Gorellectors Films on Facebook or even Emir Skalonja and check out some of his films, the dude even writes books and has one titled Born Of Blood which is also available.


Produced by: Emir Skalonja
Cinematography by: Emir Skalonja
Editing by: Emir Skalonja
Special Effects by: Sean Patrick Saramark
Music by: Joshua McDonald, "Boil Of Humanity" by Hubris
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Foxtrot Production | Underground Gorellectors Films