Directed by: Bazz Hancher
Written by: Bazz Hancher
Stars: Jason Moran, John Maddocks, David Clegg, Kim Ward, Ross Hancher...etc

Year: 2004 - 2009
Genrer: Horror, Short
Run time: 1h 6m
My rating: 4 out of 5

When U.K. indie horror director Bazz Hancher releases new material, even if its a new release of his older shorts there is cause for celebration within the sick and twisted underground circle. I first got my dick wet on Bazz's compilation Films From A Broken Mind and I was instantly hooked by his unflinching brutal style of film making which is a visceral, go for the throat, mean spirited and uncompromising vision of horror.

With a lot of his work Bazz focuses on real life monsters and in probably one of his most brilliant tales titled Leons Broken Mind the viewer is subjected to the rampage of a simple minded, perverted and deranged killer. Hancher also did a short called Cibo Di Violenza which is this simply fucked documentary about the purchasing and consuming of baby fetuses on the black market.

By request Bazz decided to do a limited run of his earliest shorts and released them on a DVD appropriately titled Blast From The Past. This compilation of Bazz's early work gives you a great look at his beginnings and how he has evolved as a film maker. We get very early stuff like The Dead Woods which was said to have been a movie made as a Halloween project, more serious and disturbing non gory stuff like liquid sadness which shows a man who is a alcoholic abusing his family and great cult stuff like The Kidderminister Killer which plays as a prequel to Leons Broken Mind so you know it's primo shit you need to see.

5 shorts in total, all entertaining and enjoyable on many levels, varying in quality but seriously I've watched many SOV or low budget gore crap fests and Bazz's material is very easy to ingest quality wise so do not let this deter you, the guy is hard on himself and doesn't need to be because he has the chops and the passion. He really brings some unflinching and outwardly mean spirited scenes in many of these shorts not giving a fuck about children, animals, old people and just about anything else.

Bazz introduces each short himself with interesting tidbits of information and after all the shorts we get an interview with him. A dark sense of humor and a great presence, I'm looking forward to checking out his upcoming feature White Goods and so should you because Bazz is making huge progressions in his style of film making but Blast From The Past is equally as impressive as you can get some great insight, awesome gore effects and dark subject matter which has made him a well respected director in the indie scene. Hurry up and contact Bazz Hancher on Facebook and snag your copy of Blast From The Past before the limited copies are bled dry. All self respecting underground gore/horror freaks need Blast From The Past in their collection.


Produced by: Bazz Hancher
Cinematography by: Bazz Hancher
Editing by: Bazz Hancher
Special Effects by: Bazz Hancher, Jason Moran
Music by: S Corneby, Mag Jamy, Bazz Hancher, Mike Walcott, Beyond Redemption, White Noize, Lucas King, John Carpenter
Country: U.K
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: White Raven Films