Written by: Vishal Rajput
Penciled by: Ashlee Galloway
Starring: Tristan Risk, Michael Eklund

Colored by: Ashlee Galloway

Year: 2016
Genrer: ActionGothHorror,
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Indie comic books have seen a bit of a surge in the last year and personally I am excited. I collected comics in the 90's but mostly bigger Marvel names and long since I strayed from them now I have sought refuge in the grimy arms of the indie horror comic world. You have companies such as Derek Rook's Roughhouse Publishing releasing new Gore Shriek material, Eibon Press have decimated the scene with their horror comics and are marketing a thriving business with them and even Jorg Buttgereit put his own spin on a new Nekromantik tale as drawn by Martin Trafford. It seems the comic format is the way to go for a number of indie creators and one of the reasons is that you can get across big bold ideas and visions with a comic book whereas the budget for a feature film might be unattainable. Jorg Buttgereits ideas for a Son Of Nekromantik film never saw completion but Buttgereit wanted the story told so he wrote it in comic book form with Martin Trafford illustrating.

Then we come to an entrepreneur who goes by the name of Vishal Rajput who has founded his company Death Punk Comix and has one issue under his belt with a second issue already in the works. Vishal's comic and character titled The Berzerk Death Dealer is a combination of Batman-like film noir with much hyper violence and campy style dialogue/humor. Rajput has enlisted the help of talented artist Ashlee Galloway to fill those pages with his vision for this gothic death dealer.

Rajput has also used likenesses of real actors in the book by having Tristan Risk (Harvest Lake, Frankenstein Created Bikers) and Michael Eklund (The Call, Watchmen, The Divide) playing the main characters in the book. The story line in Berserk Death Dealer follows a rogue assassin named Diablo who is hunting down a gang called The Fetish Queenz who is lead by Tristan Risk's character. Lots of off the wall extreme stuff in this comic should please fans of violence and utter humorous insanity. Diablo has this demon dog that turns into a motorcycle and he even uses a special weapon called the boom boner, absolutely crazy stuff within these pages. Diablo is hired by The Big Boss to hunt down and kill The Fetish Queenz in the city of Gothic Town.

Rajput is an energetic fellow and I can tell he is going to do well with this series. He even filmed a faux movie trailer but realized his heart is true to the comic world where he can be as adventurous and zero boundaries. He has really found a winner with artist Ashlee Galloway, she really has a detailed anime art style, very cartoon comic based, it looks sharp and very clean for a first time indie publication, a lot of quality and time has gone into make this book look its best. Rajput will continue to incorporate actual actors and actresses into his comics, something which will definitely have a unique niche appeal especially for fans of those performers. Berserk Death Dealer is a hidden indie book which is worth seeking out and its done with much tongue in cheek humor and passion by its creators.


Created by: Vishal Rajput
Produced by: Vishal Rajput and Brendon Howe
Cover by: Jeffery Moy

Distributor: Death Punk Comix Ltd.