SLIME (2017)

Directed by: Rob Ceus
Written by: Rob Ceus, Alex Wesley
Stars: Rob Ceus, Eddy Van De Putte, Lieve Deneckere... read more

Year: 2017
Genrer: Horror, Short
Run time: 9 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Belgian indie film maker Rob Ceus has met his share of challenges in getting his work out there but he hasn't thrown in the towel and continues to push forward with new material. I've seen his amazing homegrown effects work and the trailer for his epic in the making Zombies From Sector 9 and I wish nothing but the best for him as he continues to push to get the film released. If you haven't watched the trailer then do yourself a favor and check it out because if you love crazy low budget indie cinema that has immense talent and style then you'll dig the movie. I also checked out one of Ceus's earlier shorts titled Bride Zombie which is a quirky and humorous take on the shambling dead. Ceus has now released his latest short simply titled Slime and its another cool and amusing jaunt into the world of splatter.

For Slime Ceus has taken inspiration from another horror short in a little anthology you might have heard of called Creepshow directed by George A. Romero. World renowned horror author Stephen King stars in a short in the original Creepshow called The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verrill where a dim witted fella finds what appears to be a meteor that has crashed on earth. Verril touches it and brings it home where it starts transforming him and his surroundings into an abnormal landscape of greenery. Slime uses the same formula but takes its own gory twist with much green dripping goop and melting human skin.

Ceus himself plays the sole character in this as he wanders through the countryside discovering a meteor shooting through the sky and crashing near him. He foolishly goes right for the thing by touching and bringing it home. The crazy body melting action begins as he is transformed into a mess of human slime. There are subs in this but Ceus is speaking English but it adds another layer of funny to it as most of the dialogue are repetitive funny lines with emphasis on the word fuck. I love the effects in this, Ceus really delivers a great bodily disintegration transformation and it all looks amazing.

Director Alex Wesley (Zombie Infection, Demon Mind) also makes an appearance in this as an infection control operator and the song while the credits are rolling by Will England (responsible for the amazing score in Harry Collins (The Last Days Of Livermore) titled The Slime Song is awesome and catchy as hell. Slime is doing well as Ceus has already sold out his first 100 copies with more requests. Slime is a great time and throwback to 80's horror and Ceus himself is quite the hilarious and talented character. I wish all the best to Ceus in his future endeavors and am looking forward to Zombies From Sector 9 or whatever material he decides to release next because the dude has uncanny talent and puts in effortless work on his projects.


Produced by: Ceus Rob, Inge Vanleene
Cinematography by: Johannes De Jongh
Editing by: Johannes De Jongh, Ronnie Sortor, Inge Vanleene
Special Effects by: Ceus Rob, Inge Vanleene
Music by: Sloocer 106, Slime Song by Will England
Country: Belgium
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: TerrorVisions Productions