SENDERO (2015)

Directed by: Lucio A. Rojas
Written by: Lucio A. Rojas
Stars: Andrea García-Huidobro, Diego Casanueva... read more

Year: 2015
Genrer: Action, Drama, Horror
Run time: 1h 29min
My rating: 1 out of 5

A Chilean independent movie that managed to climb all the way up to the Netflix-lists and after I've seen a friend mention the movie before, I became curious since I appreciate all kind of indie movies in front of blockbusters. The fact that it was for me a completely unknown film director and that he chose to work with an alternative language makes the film experience a bit more strange and exciting... Or what did I just say?

Initially, we meet the film's protagonist Ana (Andrea García-Huidobro). She and her friends are heading for a road trip in the countryside to celebrate the fact that she has just received a scholarship to study in Paris. After the car suddenly capsizes, they soon get help from a delivery driver who warns them not to stay in the area. The car journey continues and just a bit away they come across a bloody, wounded and scared woman on the side of the road. Ana insists to help her, but something goes very wrong. Haha, SOOO... here we go again!

Lucio A. Rojas has tried to tie in a timeless Tobe Hooper homage to the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, but the farther into the film we come, the more inspiration we find from, among other things, the French success Frontier(s) by Xavier Gens. It's not original for five pennies and I was bit hard to decide if I'd be crazy for 85 minutes of indigenous kidnapping, because I'm generally tired of the whole genre. Yes, I managed to survive this terribly emotional pastime - but it really gave me nothing new at all.

The camera work was probably the most boring since Jonas Wolcher's "Die Zombiejäger" - so begging and shaky that you almost became ridden by some segments and the editing was terrible. To be a Spanish-speaking film, it was quite clear how bad the actors were and that made me most annoyed. And I don't even have to get to the special effects, it was only embarrasing into the smallest detail.

And yes, I've definitely seen worse performance on movies, which I have also given higher grades. It's almost common on Goregasmic - ranging from zero budget to DIY/SOV variants. But this is mainly due to an originality, which unfortunately Sendero lacks, and therefore I reject its performance as well. Because it tries to appear as something it is not.

So how should I resonate the final mark now? Assuming that the movie's soundtrack composed by Felipe Yaluff was actually lovely, but the film itself was a completely unnecessary attempt for a sad genre that has been repeated for several generations. There was nothing new to be found and there was also no single nuanced top-notch that made it any interesting. Completely unnecessary at all levels and isn't recommended to spend any time on.


Produced by: Viviana Concha, Lucio A. Rojas, Francisco Schneider, George Von Knorring
Cinematography by: Javiera Farfán
Editing by: Lucio A. Rojas, Cristian Toledo
Special Effects by: Matías Hagemann, Javier Juárez
Music by: Felipe Yaluff
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish
Color: Color

Distributor: Netflix