Directed by: Jeremy Saulnier
Written by: Jeremy Saulnier
Stars: Chris Sharp, Kate Porterfield... read more

Year: 2007
Genrer: Comedy, Drama, Horror
Run time: 1h 19min
My rating: 1 out of 5

Around Halloween-time I usually keep track of movies inspired by the date of October 31st. And now, in the hope that I had found a fun Halloween movie, I had some expectations of Murder Party at least. The concept looked cool on paper, but why would I turn off the movie after just twenty minutes?

The eternal loser Chris Hawley (Chris Sharp) finds an anonymous invitation to a "Murder Party" and decides to celebrate his Halloween night. Once there he realizes that there was a half-timed decision behind its action - He is in fact the intended victim. The hosts of the party are a bunch of art students, high on their own hybris. The party is intended as a performance event to impress their idol; The snoby estet dandy Alexander (Alex Barnett). And soon, Chris is hoping for a better life after death, but Murder as conceptual art is harder to master than they believed, and soon Chris turns from the object to its spectator, and when his executioners begins to fight each other, the party turns to a blood-filled massacre...

Murder Party is Jeremy Saulnier's feature debut and the idea of this movie is interesting - well, enough to get me excited to want to watch it - but my thoughts about a good movie disappears quite early. Murder Party is supposed to be fun, but I have to admit that I didn't laugh once and honestly, I don't remember a single instance of deliberate humor.

To give Murder Party a little good criticism, the first few minutes are okey and the original premise of somebody waiting to be killed by a group of strangers had a certain hook - but the movie never gets really started. The dialogue is terrible, the characters are incompetent, the story is horrible with virtually no explanation (no, logic is not always important, but here it would be good to share the core) to the underlying and there is no sence of fear in it either.

This movie was neither scary nor funny. The only scary parts were the film's lack of action and performance. Mainly this is a homage to the 80's, but it has a pretty horrible connection. It's a real timekiller, even though it has decent production values and a certain entertaining performance, which in this case is the leading victim and the photographer - but this is undermined by a real horrible performance through the patron of the art and a ridiculous script.

To make a briefly summary: This painful film doesn't deserve all the positive critics it got. Why? because it obviously has nothing positive to give us. It has a slow pace, it lacks humor and the horror aspects hanging outside the frames all the time. It could have worked better like a thirty-minute television show with a noticeable end-twist of some kind.

Apart from the basic plot and the fact that the protagonist is dressed in odd Halloween costumes, It can't be overlooked that Murder Party is a movie I hate. After all I had hoped for a good Halloween movie, but this was a complete waste of time. It's so terribly pale in its story and lacks full value (If it even has any value at all?).


Produced by: Kate Barry, Macon Blair, Jeremy Saulnier, Skei Saulnier, Chris Sharp, Bill Tangradi
Cinematography by: Jeremy Saulnier
Editing by: Marc Beroza
Special Effects by: Paul Goldblatt
Music by: Brooke Blair, Will Blair
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Njuta Films Entertainment