This book will represent some of the best of Martin Traffords pieces in one collection. As a bonus it will also include the first English language printing of Captain Berlin vs Fukuda, from issue #1 of Captain Berlin.


Martin Trafford is a cartoonist and illustrator who has been working for some twenty odd years producing promotional materials for underground and cult movies and directors, comic books, t- shirt designs, poster art, DVD and VHS cover art.

This is a crowdfunding project to make dreams come true for us die hardgore core fans - In the great tradition of Movie cover art books this works as a snapshot in time, a nostalgic look back at when cover art was paramount to impulse viewers to check out a movie or project.. unlike the mainstream movie market the underground scene is very small and very loyal and much of this work ( other than the arrow video pieces) is only seen by a hand few of us.

This will be a limited run, so each copy will be hand signed and numbered.. dependant on how many sell during this campaign

There will be a choice of a trade 8/10 hardback or soft cover issue to suit budget, introductions by Jorg Buttgereit, Scott Schirmer and Phil Stevens.. where the original work was produced in full colour, that glorious bloody colour will be reprinted here.. also on offer will be a few of my original pieces.

Those of you with a knowledge of underground and cult horror movies will recognise names such as Jörg Buttgereit who he have worked extensively with, most recently writing and illustrating the first official sequal to his movies nekromantik and nekromantik 2.

Martin have worked with large distribution companies such as Arrow video and Blacklava, created art for huge underground break out movies like Found, Headless, Flowers and Lung and created pieces for the likes of Marian Dora.

In short Martin had the absolute pleasure to have worked for and alongside some of who he consider the most daring and envelope pushing creatives of our time.

At the very least this book is for us... hopefully down the line someone else will be curious enough to pick it up and take a glimpse into this sick, twisted, beautiful, passionate world of indie underground horror.



Illustrated by: Martin Trafford
Introduced by: Jörg Buttgereit, Phil Stevens, Scott Schirmer
Language: English
Color: Black/White AND full colour reproductions
Pages: 50 plus

Bonus: The ONLY English friendly version of Captain Berlin VS. Fukuda!

Available in both Soft and Hard back covers, Individually signed and numbered.