Artist: Hordes of the Apocalypse
Album: The Bioslajmical Monster Frenzies Strikes Back

Year: 2016
Genrer: Death Metal, Crust Punk, Hardcore, Thrash Metal
Run time: 38 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Creator and editor of this fine independent underground rag Goregasmic Magazine and proprietor of Goregasmic Cinema also abuses his ears in his spare time while also strangling cats to death and terrorizing geriatrics - everybody's gotta have a real hobby... I guess.

Greigh Johanson and band member Thomas Nyholm have been working hard on this project releasing a whopping eight full-length releases since 2015 and countless EPs, singels and collaborations. While trying to pose and look as tough as possible for band photos or creating unreadable logos, Hordes Of The Apocalypse are an entertaining ride down a myriad of different styles and influences.

The Bioslajmical Monster Frenzies Strikes Back was written, recorded and produced in five days, between 7th and 11th July, 2016. While the album was launching, and waiting for the brittish artist Adam Jones to complete the artwork, the guys simultaneously recorded and released two other EPs (which I might review another time.) In other words; they're very spontaneous, fast and productive in their work.

Take elements from punk/crust/death metal/thrash metal and black metal and push the fucker through an industrial strength mulcher and you have Hordes Of The Apocalypse. Sprinkle with a love and huge inspiration for horror and exploitation movies, crazy artwork and an honest talented conviction and this two piece can deliver the goods. There are even vocals elements on here that remind me of King Diamond with some high pitch vocals in places, weird sounds and samples thrown in from time to time and a not so serious tongue in cheek humor, especially on the track Back From The Grave which indicates its about the movie Return Of The Living Dead.

From listening to this release I get a very strong crusty punk influence and at times it reminds me of Unseen Terror and then sometimes it'll go off with an intricate guitar melody reminding me of At The Gates or In Flames. The vocals are gruff and grindcore/crust-like but they interchange somewhat between the passage of time. Other songs like A Rotten Mildew From The Planet Xonander are memorable and actually contain somewhat clear and understandable lyrics and any fans of Necrostorm will notice the movie the song is based on. The song They're Not Staying Down There Anymore seems to be from the movie C.H.U.D. as this was the tagline for the film.

These guys are having a good time doing this and they are creative as hell, the only problem I can see is their suffering to find their own original identity but then again maybe they are doing what they love and doing what they want with this particular amalgamation of styles. The sound quality on this is great, the musicianship is on point and the concept is there and strong and creative as sometimes bands are pigeonholed for playing movie tribute songs but this works, is entertaining and doesn't get boring.

There's lots of talent here and over time these guys will piece it all together in the perfect flawless cohesive package. At this rate Hordes Of The Apocalypse will have one of the biggest release catalogues in history in such a short time span. Check out Hordes Of The Apocalypse for some genuinely inspired horror metal with a sense of humor.


Band members:
Thomas Nyholm - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Greigh Johanson - Vocals, Samples, Lyrics

Label: Independent
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: https://hordesoftheapocalypse.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HordesoftheApocalypse/