Directed by: Per-Ingvar Tomren
Written by: Raymond Volle, Per-Ingvar Tomren
Stars: Per-Ingvar Tomren, Raymond Volle, Lynn Lowry... read more

Year: 2017
Genrer: Comedy, Short
Run time: 27 minutes
My rating: 4 out of 5

When I heard Norwegian film maker Per-Ingvar Tomren was making a new film I had to jump all over it. Tomren and partner Raymond Volle are releasing Headless Entanglement soon but have been getting some mixed reactions with it. I agreed to take a look at this sequence which they have partially completed and let me tell you its going to be the same sick humored, twisted, non politically correct film to come out of Norway in like forever.

I got wind of Tomren when I saw some postings about the film Christmas Cruelty and let me tell you that if you haven't seen it you are missing out on quite possibly the most fucked up, funny and graphically violent Christmas horror yarn you've ever seen. Christmas Cruelty is such a brilliant brutal film because it manages to be light hearted and then remarkably merciless and brutal at the same time, something which I found very unsettling yet thrilling.

Per-Ingvar Tomren sent me the 27 minute rough cut of some particular scenes in this upcoming film which will be the first from him and his partner Raymond Volle's under the production label Asterion which Volle founded. Headless Entanglement started out as a crazy idea to actually kidnap a short lived and embarrassing minister of culture Norway had at the time. Since that idea was highly illegal they decided to make a movie about it instead and the results are going to be something to look forward to. Of course most of this sequence is in Norwegian with the exception of the introduction scene in the airport so a lot of the comedy is lost in translation for me. Despite the language barrier the movie still manages to impress me, its not my first rodeo watching films with no subtitles but I am looking forward to the finished product when it is completed to appreciate the project as one completed piece.

The opening scene begins in a Serbian airport where Volle and Tomren are on their way home to Norway from attending a film festival in Serbia. These events were actually based on somewhat true occurrences and Tomren said he thought using Serbia as the location would add a more terrifying feeling because of the countries strict nature. So Volle is caught smuggling numerous bottles of liquor and Tomren (who is actually wheel chair bound in real life) has his wheelchair test positive for traces of explosives. Tomren is brought to an interrogation room, anal cavity searched and his wheelchair is dismantled. In the end its all a big misunderstanding and at the least Tomren only leaves with a sore butt hole and slight traumatizing. The Serbian airport is actually a location that was used in a local shopping mall where the crew had 50 hours to put up the set and tear it down because the mall had no idea of what they were actually shooting and they shot it while the mall was closed for Easter. This airport scene is simply amazing, I absolutely loved it and this made the whole 27 minutes for me, its witty, satirical and jabs at the politically correct bullshit that plagues the world to this day. A plague which sees talented film makers like Per-Ingvar Tomren who cannot secure decent funding in Norway because their movie scene is ruled by a couple of tyrannical fat cats who call the shots so Tomren takes the championed indie route and transcends budget with passion and creativity.

Go and pick up a copy of Christmas Cruelty, you'll be sorry if you don't, its probably one of the best black toothed humorous serial killer movies I have ever witnessed, its simply brilliant, you can contact Per-Ingvar Tomren on Facebook and he is very responsive so message him and say hi. I actually spotted a whole bunch of nods to Christmas Cruelty in Headless Entanglement such as the Santa mask, a figurine , a Christmas beer label with a familiar font and the killer himself Tormod Lien as a minister of culture on TV. Most importantly keep your eye on Headless Entanglement because from these rough scenes I can tell its going to pack the same edgy wallop Tomren and Volle have accomplished in the past.


Produced by: Raymond Volle, Per Ingvar Tomren, Kim Haldorsen
Cinematography by: Raymond Volle
Editing by: Raymond Volle, Per-Ingvar Tomren
Special Effects by: Per-Ingvar Tomren, Raymond Volle
Music by: Morten Rognskog
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian
Color: Color

Distributor: Asterion