Artist: Decrepit Birth
Album: Axis Mundi

Year: 2017
Genrer: Progressive Metal, Technical Death Metal
Run time: 41 minutes
My rating: 4 out of 5

Decrepit Birth have returned from a seven year hiatus to deliver probably one of the most devastating technical death metal albums in years, this is one to remember and its so fucking good I can't stop listening to it. Unlike their previous 3 albums Polarity, ......And Time Begins and Diminishing Between Worlds we see the band take an opposite direction that most would not expect. Decrepit Birth have stripped down their style to a more non-melodic brutal and fast as two dogs fucking delivery that leaves you satisfied and your brain brutalized.

I personally think it's a brilliant approach, its a good fuck you to those who found their previous material too melodic and technical. This release will win over some new brutal death fans but don't get me wrong it's still swimming in technical prowess and jaw dropping ferocity enough to maintain its technical death metal fan base. Vocalist Bill Robinson delivers one of the most brutal performances on any Decrepit Birth release, his vocal style has taken a turn into a monstrous apparition of evil sounding amplification. Robinson's vocals have never sounded more brutal than on this release.

The production is perfection, the band rips through all tracks at breakneck speed and it's a whirlwind of brutal bliss. Sam Paulicelli's drumming is simply spellbinding in its blinding fast delivery and all the intricate guitar work is astonishing along with the mesmerizing bottom heavy bass work of Sean Martinez. A lot of the instruments were tracked at different band members personal and other separate studios but it all comes together as a perfectly put together cohesive unit.

Topped off by three cover tracks including "Orion" by Metallica, "Desperate Cry" by Sepultura and "Infecting The Crypts" by Suffocation. The nine original songs just flow with such perfection and fluent delivery you can't help but smile. This is technical death metal at its best and hail the death metal Gods of Decrepit Birth for delivering it unto us.


Band members:
Matt Sotelo - Guitars
Bill Robinson - Vocals
Sean Martinez - Bass
Sam "Samus" Paulicelli - Drums

Label: Agonia Records | Nuclear Blast
Country: USA

Homepage: http://decrepitbirth.net/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/decrepitbirth