Directed by: Jim Roberts
Written by: Jim Roberts
Stars: Jim Roberts, Keith Williams, Mike Beca, James F. Roberts and Mark Desantis.

Year: 2009
Genrer: Action, Gore, Horror
Run time: 1h 22min
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

The never ending search for underground gore has led me to indie director Jim Roberts.  Roberts has a number of title and shorts under his belt including Happy Hour Holocaust, Tonight You Die, Whats Wrong With Mom, Gore Bros etc but he has still managed to fly under the radar undetected except by die hard gorehounds.  Roberts films are easily the USA's equivalent to all of the low budget underground German splatter films.  The kicker here is that Roberts mother Karen Roberts is the effects maestro behind all the gory nastiness you see unleashed in the films.  Personally, I think that's pretty damn cool and must make for some interesting mother/son conversations around the dinner table.  

Released in 2009 Welcome To Deer Creek has a very 90's feel to it from the hairstyles, the way its shot, the cars etc.  Director Jim Roberts plays the lead role and looks very young in this.  He plays a teenager driving around in his Camaro Z28, going on dates, working his day job at a horse stable and doing his normal routine in the small town.  Things are not  what they seem as the quaint town of Deer Creek has a dark past, an event that was swept under the rug but one man never forgot and on the day of the corn festival in this little farming town he will exact his revenge

It seems the mayor of the town was out driving around in his pick up truck one day trying to get some sugar off his bimbo when he accidentally ran over a child.  The young boy's mother was so distraught from finding her son's mangled body that she eventually committed suicide.  Some years later the town are spraying their corn crops and stumble upon a couple barrels of unknown chemical waste.  The man responsible for disposing of the barrels is actually the father of the boy who was killed by the mayor and he gets a sinister idea especially with the town's annual corn festival approaching.

Before the corn passes through their bodies and speckling their shit with yellow flicks all those who consumed the corn at the festival that day turn into rabid killing lunatics.  Soon the town is over ran with these ravenous butchers and it becomes clear that the town's beloved corn supply was tainted.  The survivors gouge, chainsaw, shoot  and destroy the relentless monsters with every tool they can get their hands on to defend themselves.  As usual it proves to be futile as the infected slowly take control of the town.

Welcome To Deer Creek is a fun little gore movie.  I has that small town charm to it including the laid back and catchy country music inspired soundtrack that makes the beginning seem like its going to be a modest family movie.  The acting is what is to be expected on these low budget productions where family and friends chip in to get the film done, overall the acting works well for the material. The practical make up effects work is the star of the movie and Karen Roberts loads Welcome To Deer Creek up with the sauce, especially in the last half.

A baby is laid to waste, a chainsaw is used to rip through some  of the infected with the red stuff flying everywhere, mucous filled gelatinous eyeballs are gouged out, heads are shotgun blasted  plus plenty of more carnage for the discerning and disenfranchised gore fan.  If your looking for a new resource for gore then look no further as Welcome To Deer Creek is a beautiful bloody addition.


Produced by: Jim Roberts
Cinematography by: Jim Roberts
Editing by: Travis Schafer
Special Effects by: Karen Roberts
Music by: Dan Roberts
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorBlind Sight Productions