Directed by: Carl J. Sukenick
Written by: Carl J. Sukenick
Stars: Carl Sukenick, Hurricane Dave West, Lisa Aaron, Chris Crib, Debbie Rochon, Jeff Johnson, Ralph Kuen, Shelly Vanelli

Year: 2001 | 2005
Genrer: GoreHorror, Short,
Run time: 37 min | 58 min
My rating: 2 out of 5

Probably one of the most obscure and insane low budget productions to ever fall into my lap.  I have bravely dived into the mad celluloid world that has been created by guerrilla film maker Carl Sukenick and my brain, the way I look at movies and attention span will never be the same.  These two films have taken away time in my life that I can never get back and well......fuck it.  

I don't know Sukenick personally and I have never had any prior contact with him but I have looked up his body of work and watched a couple of YouTube videos where the man talks about what his work and life entails.  Sukenick has this indescribable hoarse voice which I'm not sure is natural or from his smoking.  On his Facebook profile he lists his personal mailing address in New York for his films and he has sold the rights to some of his films and also sells artwork on a community based site.  These two releases The Sick Sex Mutants/Lesbian Beasts is released by James Chris Land and Dennis Fernandez company Poser-Rot.  Kudos to James Chris Land for really providing me with lots of useful info for this review, the dude is dedicated and really getting these releases out there.

I've read a review about one of Sukenick's most known releases which is titled Alien Beasts, a film which was made widely available by Massacre Video.  I also read an interview with a guy who used to work at a video store Sukenick used to visit and which started renting Sukenick's films, the guy also mentioned really pushing people to check out Sukenick's work.  I know at that time it said Sukenick used to live with his mother in the projects. I was told that Sick Sex Mutants and Lesbian Beasts are a collection of Sukenick's work up to 2000 and were lifted from Betamax originals.  James Chris Land edited the material and compiled it for this double bill.  I think the funniest thing I read on the store envy site for Poser-Rot was and I quote "get ready to hit the fast forward button!".  One review I read of Alien Beasts had the reviewer playing a video game while occasionally glancing at the film because it was challenging to watch.

I watched The Sick Sex Mutants and to be honest I had no idea what was going on.  It basically consists of two guys throughout the whole film.  One of the guys rambles on with the same sentence for a good portion of the beginning about viruses while taking a swig and spitting up water and smoking three cigarette's simultaneously.  Occasionally we cut to a scene of a fake corpse with a bloody rotting face all set to the backdrop of this droning music.  I was told Sick Sex Mutants and Lesbian Beasts are a continuation of the story line of Sukenick as head of the DOD (department of defense) against The Black Scorpion Agency who are a world threat.

Lesbian Beasts is a bit more ambitious as we get multiple characters and different pieced together scenarios featuring a jumble of bizarre happenings with naked women, a green masked man, a guy telling jokes and so on.  I find it hard piecing together a cohesive plot or figuring what is basically going on in general.  This is the wild world of one room movie making lifted from Betamax.  Sukenick has a fan base and sells movies, there are people out there that love his advant-garde style of film making and I believe a lot of that lies in particular tastes of those who revel in zero budget, trashy, grade z material.  Fans who seek out the most subversive, niche markets like this out of pure pleasure.

I can say I'm not an admirer of these two films but I will never forget them or Carl Sukenick and to be honest I'd definitely be interested in checking out more of his material because like those who have chosen this path I'm a sucker for punishment.  That being said much respect for Sukenick for having the balls to put himself out there like this and I hope he continues doing this especially if it makes him happy and definitely if he can make a living doing it.

Contact James Chris Land if your interested in Carl Sukenick's work, Carl Sukenick can be found on Facebook as well and Poser Rot's store envy page is here www.poserrot.storenvy.com but both this release and Stamp Killer are sold out.

Special thanks to James Chris Land for all info and exposing me to the world of Carl Sukenick.


Produced by: Carl J. Sukenick
Cinematography by: Carl J. Sukenick
Editing by: James Chris Land
Special Effects by: Carl J. Sukenick
Music by: Cody Brant
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorPoser-Rot Productions