Directed by: Dustin Mills
Written by: Dustin Mills
Stars: Steve Rimpici, Jessica Daniels, Bart Flynn... read more

Year: 2010

Genrer: Action, Animation, Comedy, Horror

Run time: 1h 10min

My rating: 2 out of 5

Then we were here again, the man behind what later became "Skinless", "Kill That Bitch" and "Her Name Was Torment" made a couple of really simple, vulgar and playful movies like "Zombie A-Hole" and "Bath Salt Zombies" before moving on to the more serious vintage.

The Puppet Monster Massacre was Dustin Mills debut film and it clearly shows that he was inspired by the movies of Jim Henson, but also Meet The Feebles, Monster House, and House on Haunted Hill during the time he was wroting this movie, you can also find some hints from Sam RaimiRobert Rodriguez and Guillermo del Toro and that's, at least, a fun initiative to mix these terms - though, a less fun performance in the big whole if you ask me.

This movie is about a group of teens who are challenged to spend a night in the Wagner mansion on the edge of town. Little do they know the owner (Dr. Wolfgang Wagner) has concocted a monstrosity in the basement and plans to make the hapless teens the creature's first big meal. Heads will roll and felt will fly. Thrill as an army of over 400 soldiers is helpless against a monstrous menace, Chill as a man collapses from the aroma of a thousand bunny farts, Shriek as puppets make sweet monkey love in a spooky graveyard!

It can be described as a wild and raucous love letter to the monster films of the glorious 1980's and even if the puppets somehow reminds me a bit of Wednesday 13's Weirdo a Go-Go, the puppet's is actually build by Kim Mills, which also made up the special effects for this film together with Dustin who made the digital effects.

There is no big budget behind this movie and during the short while it's offered in a violent range is unfortunately not much to practical effects at all, most of it is done with CGI and green screen, which destroying 75% of the film's other feeling. It's not much to talk about and the audio technology is quite pie-shaped as well.

If I wasn't clear enough, this is an independent movie, and of course I like the passion behind its performance. It has at least one pair of really funny characters and the script spells a lightweight and vulgar humor in the style of Trey Parker and Matt Stone or Jay and Silent Bob.

I definitely hadn't done this better myself, but since there are not enough puppet movies in the horror genre, I'm extremely grateful that it ended up in the little pile that actually exists. It's full of satire, crazy humor and a simplicity that works with every mean movie shooter.


Produced by: Dustin Mills, Mario Alberto Salcido, Brandon Salkil, Amanda Smith
Cinematography by: Dustin Mills
Editing by: Dustin Mills
Special Effects by: Kim Mills
Music by: Jared Kaelber
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Dustin Mills Productions