Directed by: Karim Hussain
Written by: Marie-Claire Blais, Karim Hussain
Stars: Carole Laure, Caroline Dhavernas... read more

Year: 2006
Genrer: Drama
Run time: 1h 50 min
My rating: 3 out of 5

The first time I made an attempt to watch The Beautiful Beast was also the last one, if we didn't decide to write this article about the three most influental Hussain movies I would never have seen the whole film.

The problem I had could be compared to the problem the people that adored Subconscious Cruelty but disliked Ascension had, now I didn't expect an Ascension copy, after reading the short synopsis about The Beautiful Beast my thoughts got a twisted vision over how this movie was going to be, surreal, colourful and with some chock effects thrown in the mix.

But after a half an hour my expectations where far from met and I turned it off out of sheer boredom, I have to admit that i wasn´t really focused during the time the movie was playing either, and I sort off gave it a deathsentence before giving it an honest chance.

As I was going for the second attempt I glanzed upon the pretty interesting coverart on the DVD and felt a bit cheated as I entered with the firm belief that I would be bored out of my existence once again, I think that mindset changed everything this time as it seems that I was way out of line when I discarded it in the first place.

I haven't read the book written by Marie-Clair Blaise that this story was based on so sadly I can´t compare those two, but the movie itself actually had all the elements that I wished for, just not in the way that I had pictured it, I wished for something more surreal and mindtricking cinema, I did not really understand that this is a bizarre portrayal of the real life and not a visual dreamstate.

The Beautiful Beast is an experience of contradictions, it's bright and colourfull yet pale and bleak, calm but chaotic, beautiful and atrociously ugly, loving but with a great depth of venomous despise, pleasant and obscene, emotional and still apathic in a lifeless form.

It's isolated in a vast landscape with a firm psychosocial clutch that is determined to fixate on the rumbling ramification within a gravely dysfunctional family that in the end have no limits or regards for others than themselves and their desires, even if htey think that their deeds are acted out of love.

The most interesting part is that the characters are so unstable that you don´t really know what their next move will be, all you know is that nothing is going to end well.

By saying this I have to admit that Karim actually managed to something great the third time around in my opinion, and once more in a different way as oppose to the two before this one.


Produced by: Anne Cusson, Julien Fonfrede, Karim Hussain, Lyse Lafontaine, Michael Mosca, Franca Visconti
Cinematography by: Karim Hussain
Editing by: Eric Lavoie
Special Effects by: Louis Craig, C.J. Goldman
Music by: David Kristian
Country: Canada
Language: French
Color: Color

Distributor: Another World Entertainment