MOEBIUS (2013)

Directed by: Ki-duk Kim
Written by: Ki-duk Kim
Stars: Jae-hyeon Jo, Yeong-ju Seo, Eun-woo Lee... read more

Year: 2013
Genrer: Drama
Run time: 1h 29 min
My rating: 4 out of 5

Moebius is a movie written and directed by Ki-Duk Kim and when it comes to his movies you never know what to expect. You know it's going to be good and a really weird experience and that's the two main things that could describe the trip when watching the most of his movies. Before Moebius he made such films as The Isle, Samaritan Girl, The Bow and Pieta to name a few and the almost all of his movies are thought-provocative or just plain provocative, and it seems like he succeeds considering a couple of people that have had a hard time to sit through his movies.

Moebius is about a shattered family of three - the father, mother and their son. The father has an affair and the son's well aware of it but decides not to tell anything, nor does he care about the chaotic state of his parents. The mother suspects that her husband is having an affair with another woman and she slowly starts to spiral into an emotional madness. When she finally gets proof she goes crazy end tries to sever her husbands penis, but he manages to avoid the castration so she walks into her sons room instead, takes his package by force instead and devours it in the middle of a ruckus.

With a strong entry like that, one could think that the worst part is over, but no; the movie have just started and it's not getting more stable in the mental department. The son is getting bullied every day from classmates that have heard about his loss and takes every chance they can to pull down his pants in public, all while his father is in deep shame and blames himself for his sons involuntary separation with his manhood, so to even up things he desperately searches for a surgeon that can transplant his own penis to his son.

One day his son misshappenly gets into the wrong crowd and becomes involved in a rape. After he's arrested his father understands that he still have lusts but now when he doesn't have an insertion tool, it's up to him to surf the net and find an alternative solution to an orgasmic experience without using the penis. The solution comes quickly and involves the rubbing of a stone against ones skin, and he's more than eager to tell his son about his discovery.

Now here's where the personal bit for Ki-Duk Kim comes in, he had severe athletes foot and during his military service he rubbed a stone against his foot until it started to bleed - feeling both pain and a strange form of pleasure at the same time, but in the end just pain. On top of that it actually get's even crazier and the knife scene when he comes to make up to his rape-victim is just great!

Moebius has a sort of Visitor-Q type of feeling but in a whole other way. They feel connected but have different types of diagnoses to the insanity in them; they both have family tragedies, insane solutions, humor, the sort of situations that would make any human uncomfortable in an embarrassing way - but Moebius is more serious and down to earth than Takashis Visitor Q. And the biggest difference about this movie and a very impressive one is that there's no dialogue at all, absolutely none! not a single word, the actors delivers everything perfectly with their bodylanguage and occational sounds.

Ki-Duk Kim have a fantastic ability to make drama movies and focus on peoples lives and put the most bizarre, depraved or violent acts under a magnifying glass and expose it in a natural environment no matter how far it travels off limits. In Moebius he experimented with the philosophy that the whole body is a genital, I suppose all this sounds like the show with the Australian guys that mash their genitals together as a doughy-shape of a hot dog in a bun - a christmas three or whatever their penis-shaping hands can endure but it's so far from anything like that, and there's hardly any penis that gets a broadcasted time in here.


Produced by: Ki-duk Kim, Woo-taek Kim, Kim Soon-Mo
Cinematography by: Ki-duk Kim
Editing by: Ki-duk Kim
Special Effects by: Jung-Hoon Lim
Music by: In-young Park
Country: South Korea
Language: None
Color: Color

Distributor: RAM Releasing


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