Directed by: Michael S. Rodriguez
Written by: Michael S. Rodriguez
Stars: Jim Van Bebber, Sebrina Scott, J.J. Beasley... read more

Year: 2013 - 2017
Genrer: Anthology, Horror, Short
Run time: 2h 1 min
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Cool indie anthology inspired by horror collections of the past such as Creepshow. Film maker Michael Rodriguez has taken 3 of his previous short films and connected the tales with a recent wrap around story. The end result is a decent selection and nice variety of comedy/horror and real life terror. I was actually drawn to this anthology by Rodriguez's short Homewrecked which is featured on here. Its creative indie low budget film making and with every movie of this caliber acting performances vary but I feel Last American Horror Show does a generally successful job of trudging through budgetary restraints with some gusto.

The tie in story is titled Love Starved and features Felisa Rose who most know as Angela in Sleepaway Camp. Love Starved has Rose's character chatting with who seems to be her sister on a laptop. She has a date tonight but her sister warns her that the guy could be anyone including a serial killer. When her date arrives they decide to watch some horror movies and thus we are treated to the three other tales on here before the wrap around story wraps up the whole movie.

The first tale titled Homewrecked is the one I mentioned earlier that sparked my attention in the beginning. It features indie great Jim Van Bebber with his pregnant wife (Sebrina Scott) and traumatized Vietnam vet father in law (Timothy Patrick Quill). The three are enjoying dinner when Pop finds out his daughter is pregnant and is ecstatic but not so happy over his son in laws ability to keep a job. It seems as if Bebber's character is also suffering from some war trauma but it is never fully explained, we just get these violent flashbacks of him in what looks like to be a hospital thrashing violently. Unbeknownst to the three having dinner there are also a group of crackheads staking out their house and about to lay siege in a desperate attempt to pay off their habit debts. This one is definitely the most successful on here for me, my only dispute is the short running time because Bebber is great in the lead and it really packs some savage and raw emotion with extreme violence. Great performances, tension and downbeat finale make this winning material.

RATING: 4 out of 5.

Night Of The Sea Monkey is more of a scary story mixed with humor and is not to be taken as seriously. It plays up like the pages out of an old Tales From The Crypt Comic even with comic-like captions appearing on screen. The story has a young boy (Sean Laguna) who wants to order a sea monkey by mail but when he gets it the thing won't grow so his Mom pours it down the drain. In the drain it festers and hatches into a giant human eating monster. The Dad (Joe Manetti) plays this great mentally disturbed role especially when he tells the son about the dog he had as a kid, delightfully bizarre and effective. The main character in this one is Lynn Lowry (I Drink Your Blood) who plays the grandmother in a delightfully cheesy and over the top performance. Granny and grandson must defeat the mutated sea monkey to stop it from its hungry killing spree. There is even a nod to a scene Lowry did in I Drink Your Blood with an electric carving knife. Lowry's character provides some humor but this short is strictly tongue in cheek and a departure in the material in Homewrecked.

RATING: 3 out of 5.

The third segment is titled Lamb Feed and features Luke Church on his way to a seminar as he is bombarded by his girlfriend on the phone about his cheating. Church's character is a pompous scumbag so in the last parts of this short the viewer is not too concerned with his well being. Church's car is strategically booby trapped delivering some flat tires which finds him stranded in the countryside. Finding his way to the nearest town he will unfortunately get no refuge. The town are having their annual Lamb Feed and it seems tonight our broke down traveler is their new guest of honor or new lamb for the slaughter. Lamb Feed is easy to recognize as a Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Two Thousand Maniacs, Hills Have Eyes style story with the demented family and townsfolk.

RATING: 3 out of 5

Then we go back to Love Starved. In between each short we are brought back to this short as it is used to interconnect all the other shorts. Love Starved has Felisa Rose's character meeting a date (Marv Blauvelt) who seems nice enough but grows tired of watching horror movies. When he attempts to get aggressive he has more in store for him than he bar ginned for. This anthology is a cool trip with some nice shorts mixing things up from serious to humorous and in between. Michael Rodriguez has compiled some great work here and its definitely one of the lesser known anthologies which indie horror fans should get their hands on. Lets hope Rodriguez continues to pour on more entertaining material such as this collection and that this is not his Last American Horror Show.

RATING: 2 out of 5


Produced by: Michael S. Rodriguez, Rick Vasquez
Cinematography by: David James Bailey, Colten Currey,
Editing by: Michael S. Rodriguez, Mike Burciaga,
Special Effects by: Zach Elston, Grace Ortiz, Rick Vasquez, Matthew Wriston, Stephanie Galvan
Music by: Shy Monster, Luis Obregon
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: M.S.R. Studios | Deep Murder Productions