Directed by: Barbara Bell, Anna Lorentzon
Written by: Barbara Bell
Stars: Peter Ackworth, Claire Adams, Cyd Black... read more

Year: 2009
Genrer: Documentary
Run time: 1h 24 min
My rating: 3 out of 5

Graphic Sexual Horror tells the rise and fall of Insex; the biggest pornography site ever to focus solely on extreme BDSM in a way that has never been seen before - they also became the ground-pillar for internet live-feed, where subscribers could see videos live and even make requests.

The videos and pictures that where uploaded where far from glamorous and staged - they where gritty, filthy, realistic and extremely wellmade when it came to the sadistic artistry of it all, and everything was set up to push the boundaries when it came to the pain treshold of women and the creativity of how they would inflict the pain on the models.

Every performance where set in a fitting milieu, either outside or in a torture chamber like studio and it was all arranged to be as realistic as possible, medieval or just serial killer like, they made it all look truly authentic with exclussively handmade torture devices and toys. The torture itself was ofcourse real and made in various fashion, with restraints, whipping with floggers or canes, shibari, piercing, water torture, penetrations with dildos and objects that could be used as dildos, crucifixion, electric stimulation, gagging, chokings, asphyxiation, humiliation and even urolagnia was fair play in the videos and every time they wanted to see how far they could go, and so did the subscribers of the page.

In Graphic Sexual Horror we are allowed to follow everything behind the scene, interviews with the creator Brent Scott who shares how everything started, the work behind it all, from setting up the studios, the crafts, the models, the website, opening a livefeed and how the system finally managed to shut down the page. We even get to hear interviews with the models, how they became interested in participating in those videos, how they felt and what driving force triggered them to continue.

Interviews are even made with the man responsible for building the handmade devices that are used in the videos and we get to know precisely every little step they took to become as big and innovative as they got in the scene, everything from what started it all to behind the scenes of the torture where we see the setup, from the appliance of devices and what safeword they use to make it all stop, what security they have and what caution they took to make sure that no one got hurt, or in this case extremely hurt to the point that they would need medical attention.

Even some of the downside to the company are shared with us, what they could have done better for the models and how money could have forced them into situations they really didn't want to, so everything is more or less placed visible on the table in this documentary.

This became a bit of a holy grail for me as quick as I laid my eyes on the cover and saw some of the pictures from the documentary, luckily I took my time to read up on it first before I watched, because based on those few things I had no idea what I would get myself into, understanding what it was didn't make me dissapointed as the people that thought that they would get relentless clips of hardcore torture for an hour and a half and felt cheated afterwards and called it lame.

I have been out travelling the dark side of the internet and have seen the most things but I do find going behind the curtain and revealing how everything was set up (If it's not executions or real life torture, then that's pretty much it) really fascinating, so in the end I pretty much got exactly what I expected. Personally I really enjoyed this one, I found it more giving than just watching a collage of their videos, so if you want hardcore torture without the stories behind the settings then you probably should avoid it.


Produced by: Barbara Bell, Anna Lorentzon, Sean Meenan, Alex Norden
Cinematography by: Anna Lorentzon
Editing by: Barbara Bell, Anna Lorentzon
Special Effects by: None
Country: USA | Sweden
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Synapse Films


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