GOTH (2003)

Directed by: Brad Sykes
Written by: Brad Sykes
Stars: Phoebe Dollar, Laura Reilly, Dave Stann... read more

Year: 2003
Genrer: Horror, Thriller
Run time: 1h 25 min
My rating: 3 out of 5

Goth is directed by Brad Sykes and despite a shabby dialogue and in my opinion; Some flaws in the stunts. This is an interesting and innovative horror movie filled with sex and drugs, where perhaps the most recent exploitation of the 1997-2004 music/lifestyles among younger people actually takes up a large part of document. Nu-Metal, which came as a giant explosion in the late 90's, had a very big influence, at least on me and certainly on many other musicians. Where hiphop and synth music were suddenly mixed with heavier Metal and Hardcore with bands such as KoЯn, Deftones, Coal Chamber & Orgy at the forefront. This was at the same time as Goth music was uphill again.

Chrissy wakes up in a bathroom covered in blood and is completely disoriented. She's investigating the rest of the house where she finds a group of strangers who have been stabbed to death. The movie takes us eight hours back when Chrissy's boyfriend Boone takes her to a concert. Inside the club, Chrissy meets a girl who calls herself Goth (Phoebe Dollar) who promising to share a new drug called "White Light". After saving them from a few robbers which they met when they left the club, Goth, Chrissy and Boone takes them out for one night in town. The couple soon realize that they're in great danger when Goth turns out to be out of her minds - impulsive and terribly aggressive.

Goth offers fast sequences to keep up with. You, as the viewer, almost become as one in the gang and we'll come along on a briefly surreal and hellish night in a Van where very shady things happen. There's a sort of a P.O.V feeling in some sequences. It's very mobile handheld and fast conscious transitions. According to me, a dogma style that works nicely in this particular movie. The score (apart from Nu Metal and the Gothic Lifestyle) is to create a sense of unrest, surrealism and claustrophobia, but I don't think it's hundred percent complete. I don't really know what the movie and the script need to save it, but the movie is approved in its whole entirety.

Although the two main characters are well-played by Laura Reilly and Dave Stann, it's Goth herself who steals the show. She is played by Phoebe Dollar who has worked with Brad Sykes earlier, but also with directors such as Joe Castro and Jeff Leroy. Her big eye and slightly light sickness gives the movie an unexpected pressure wave of energy. Dollar is fascinating to watch at and help lift the movie over its low budget and cheap gore-effects.

Finally, it's easy to criticize these low-budget projects for their errors and shortcomings (both smaller and larger) but it's impossible to ignore when a horror movie has been assembled by a talented team who really loves film-making. Goth is one of these Independent titles that will undoubtedly be given a cult status in the future. Adventurous viewers should give Goth a chance, you will not be disappointed.


Produced by: Jonathan Dawes, Darrin Ramage, David S. Sterling
Cinematography by: Jay Truesdale
Editing by: Julie Lucas
Special Effects by: Ron Karkoska
Music by: Will Hudson
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Brain Damage Films