Directed by: Alex Chandon
Written by: Alex Chandon
Stars: Ben Befell, Saul Brignell, Bill Corbett... read more

Year: 1992
Genrer: Horror, Short, Splatter
Run time: 32 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Almost a year after British director Alex Chandon completed the shortfilm "Bad Karma", he was already running a new amazing work. One could hardly imagine that another screwed piece would be cut together. Now it is clear that Alex Chandon, along with the FX-makers Duncan Jarman and Dominic Hailstone, is the ultimate fact in Britain's world of screwed splatter films.

Deaths and diseases are becoming more common in our darker everyday life. Aids have replaced cancer as the biggest threat of them all. The government proposes methods for conducting quarantine and sterile camps. From this, serious riots begin to have consequences, but in this life of violence and decay, a solution will soon come to flourish. Witch doctors announce an upcoming release of full recovery of AIDS. A new drug called "Serocaine" will now save humanity. But the medicine can't be fully developed before rumors spreads to a bunch of criminals. From what's now going to cure AIDS, its disadvantages also grows. An employee detects a drug company's accidental plan within the executive office. The gang literally violates his entire family and only the son Brian survives the case, and even though a drill collapsed in his skull, there's only one thought in his head: Revenge!

So, in Drillbit we now see how the world is in ruins. Big riots on streets and squares have accelerated. The only cure of the so-called AIDS disease is the drug that the witch doctors are making. The criminals use the medicine for other purposes. It will be used as a form of party-drug instead, but what they don't know is that the medicine is still poisonous and it turns people into mutated zombies. It is now up to Brian, the son of the passing witch doctor, to take hold of the flesheating beings.

Drillbit is a bit sharper than his earlier films. It feels like Alex has collected much of his inspiration from Jim VanBebber's cool classical Deadbeat at Dawn (1988) and linked it with a post-apocalyptic and disintegrated environment (In fact VanBebber also do the narrative voice in this movie). It also offers better special effects, heavier thought-out characters and an original idea that gives the higher budget character an edgy quilt.

Alex Chandon has once again proved that no major budget is required to produce a good movie. It wears the same equipment as before; A bunch of friends, a handheld camera and lots of blood and intestines. In this fact - an ultraordinary splatter party recommended for every single splatter fan!

It should also be added that this movie has some of the most bizarre monsters I've seen in such an early movie. And if this movie really wanted to be freaked out the Nasty Video era, I think, at least, that they succeeded. It also contains a murder of a child, and I don't think it was appreciated at that time.

Because of the short run time, I don't want to go into any more details, I'd rather let you readers decide how far it compares to newly produced lowbudget movies. But yes, It's old, it's cool and it's fucking nostalgic. You can live with the bad quality, otherwise you would not have found yourself on this blog - We deliver the best of the worst!


Produced by: Alex Chandon, Duncan Jarman
Cinematography by: Alex Chandon
Editing by: Alex Chandon
Special Effects by: Duncan Jarman, Dominic Hailstone
Music by: ?
Country: U.K
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Shape-Shifting Films


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