Directed by: John Miller
Written by: John Miller
Stars: Frank Pickarelli, TK Bethel, Drew Rokki... read more

Year: 2017
Genrer: Action, Crime, Gore, Horror
Run time: 1h 7min
My rating: 4 out of 5

This top notch tale of urban sleaze comes at us in the same main vein as what The Sleazebox and Gatorblade Films are well known for putting out there and it's no surprise here because the director John Miller worked on some Sleazebox films such as Amerikan Holokaust, Make Them Die Sleazy and another film of his titled $Kumbagz.  Miller is noted for helping create that sleazy vibe their production s have become known for. Crackbaby Billionaire is a beautifully shot low budget film chocked full with gobs of nudity, cheap gore and in this case hip hop toting gangsters.

Director John Miller has put all his hard work in making this slice of indie sleaze come to life for the masses to snort up their nostrils like a pcp torpedo.  Lead actor Eigh8t The Chosen One or Frank Pickarelli  who is probably most well known for his YouTube blog, the main killer in American Guinea Pig: Bouquet Of Guts And Gore and hip hop artist.  Pickarelli has taken his Cory Beatdown Brown persona and released an actual album with material which is featured in Crackbaby Billionaire and it suits the vibe of the movie perfectly.

Crackbaby Millionaire is an off the wall tale of hustling, bare knuckle brawling and revenge.  Pickarelli's character Cory Brown is a former gangster who has been paroled and is now struggling to make ends meet with his lawn mowing business.  It's especially challenging when your clients turn out to be misogynistic perverts who chain you to a toilet with plans to sodomize you. It also doesn't help when your stupid bitch ass ho spends the money for paying bills on getting her hair and nails done. Mr. Beatdown Brown is struggling and figures if he can get one last bare knuckle fight (something which he was quite good at in his former lifestyle) he can turn shit around and get out of this slump he has found himself in.

 After receiving some counterfeit bills from his payout from the fight Brown decides to try his hand at counterfeiting and finds out he is actually very good at it.  With the help from his friend Jasper (TK Bethel) the two strike a deal with Caesar (Drew Rokki James) a scarface-like hood who has the financial means to get their counterfeit business up and running.  The journey takes many crazy twists and turns with plenty of gory violence and flesh abound.  Shit gets crazier when a couple of crooked cops get on their trail.

John Miller really pulled out all the stops with this one and obviously struggled with budgetary restraints and threw down to get Crackbaby Billionaire where he wanted it to be.  The performances from the actors are strictly campy and humorous, we get some references and nods to Scarface especially the character of Caesar.  The effects are graphic and gory thanks to Marcus Koch who unleashes everything with busted open heads, lawnmower body mulching, evisceration, bullet wounds, decapitations and all sorts of gruesome and sick shit with a defecated worm enema probably being one of the craziest highlights.

Lots of familiar faces in this one too from The Sleazebox camp such Krystal Pixie Adams, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Cayt Feinics, Bob Glazier and more, even cult b movie actor/director Joel D. Wynkoop is in here as a trash talking tough as nails bare knuckle fighter.  The level of debauchery in Crackbaby Billionaire is high and the style of it is unique with the mix of urban street styling, extreme violence and gratuitous nudity.  Fortunately actress Krystal Pixie Adams gets ample amount of screen time as well as time to show off her acting skills and flesh, if you haven't checked out films such as Deathscort Service (which has a sequel in the works) with Adams also starring your missing out. Cayt Feinics also delivers another memorable performance reminiscent of her equally impressive part in Chaos A.D.

Crackbaby Billionaire is a piece of underground extreme cinema worth checking out, its passion for violent chaos, mouth grills and hip hop fury are unmatched.  Miller has definitely got himself a niche going on here which works well, this quest of urban carnage is one you should seek out and I thank director John Miller for sending it along for my spliff lighting, blunt rolling, 1792 drinking, marching powder inhaling ass.  This review is dedicated to all the dumpster babies who over came adversity and made something of themselves.


Cinematography by: Tim Mcnutt, John Miller
Editing by: John Miller
Special Effects by: Marcus Koch
Music by: Slings, Incomptech, Mister Ka Beats
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Creigh8tion Records/Wolve$ Gotta Eat