Directed by: Brad Sykes
Written by: Brad Sykes
Stars: Jennifer Ritchkoff, Garrett Clancy... read more

Year: 2000
Genrer: Horror
Run time: 1h 30 min
My rating: 1 out of 5

When the murders that occured in the first movie made big headlines as soon as it became national news a couple of moviemakers set out to make a film of the whole event.

In the middle of the writing and casting the producer would like to have a little more meat to the bone when it comes to the story, so he makes Trisha, the sole survivor from the first Camp Blood a technical advisor for the movie. Before they enter the same forest everyone the murders took place in little mysterious things seems to be going on without raising a red flag, but as soon they prepare for filming in Camp Blood, history starts to repeat itself.

Even in the first seconds of the movie I thought that it would be the exact same thing again, although it's not far from it actually has some very clear improvements, and that doesn't really say much, but it's still something.

There are more effects in this one, nothing impressive but it´s alot more than having a fake machete embedded in a bodypart like in the first one. As the acting was beyond any saving point in the first one I have to admit that the acting is a bit better in this but some of the actors were just pretty much dead meat.

Camp Blood 2 have a little more insides than the first one, it's more of a story and doesn't feel so empty like its predecessor so I could actually watch it without feeling a strong sense of meaningless apathy trying to take over my being.

And one more positive thing, they changed the clownmask to a little more visually meaner one. But all the negative things in the first one still applies to this one but in a milder form.


Produced by: David S. Sterling
Cinematography by: Jeff Leroy
Editing by: Jeff Leroy
Special Effects by: Jeff Colbert, Ernesto Cornejo, Sissy Hyde, Steven Worley
Music by: Ghost
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Astro Distribution