BAD KARMA (1991)

Directed by: Alex Chandon
Written by: Alex Chandon
Stars: Julius Barnet, Carmel, Lotu, M. Karapateas... read more

Year: 1991
Genrer: Horror, Short, Splatter
Run time: 36 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Alex Chandon is the British director who's mostly known for his movies Cradle of Fear, Pervirella and Inbred. But during his previous years he worked with short films. These titles includes Bad Karma, but also Chainsaw Scumfuck, Night Pastor and Drillbit. Four amazing short films, all included in Alex Chandon's Splatter Collection on DVD.

It was during the "Swedish Gore Film Festival 2003" in Varberg, Sweden, for which I first saw Bad Karma on the big cinema screen. I was saved at the first glance and after several years of struggle, I finally found the movie on DVD. Both the German edition from SOI Film Entertainment, but also Dead Format's own edition.

In Bad Karma we follow some extraterrestrials dressed to Hare Krishna-cultivating people who walks around in an area and awaken madness in the neighborhood. When Dave Jackson celebrates his birthday with his family and friends, he crosses two bloodthirsty followers on his doorstep. The two torches don't long and provide for a hefty blood flow. Recently Dave called the emergency alert, which fortunately, run and walk in a S&M Studio. The cult turns into bloodthirsty monsters, but what they don't know is that there's a bunch of rednecks that are sucked on the sniper and now thirst for blood and spilled intestines.

Just like Anders Jacobson's film Evil ED, Alex made this movie as a response to censorship in the Video Nasty era. Bad Karma was created with all its found in Britain and is a splatter movie with the least possible budget of ridiculously £850.

Alex Chandon's only instrument during this time was a braindead and, in other words,  tasty script, a simple handheld camera with poor audio- and video recording, sick imagination, some outstanding characters with the worst performances ever, including Alex's own mother, as well as a whole lake of attempts of heavy Special-FX made by Duncan Jarman (The Revenant, The Mummy, Harry Potter).

Pulsating latex, badly designed prostheses, foam rubber and thick red explosion will color your TV for the next 36 minutes. You will not regret it for a second of your life after seeing Bad Karma, you will only suck for more, trust me. This is truely hilarious. There is a lot of hysterical dark humor in this old fella as well. Filled with madness that was the starting point for both Alex and Duncan's magnificent career in the film world.

Bad Karma has over the years won a prize via Darkside Film Festival and has gained an increasing number of viewers to appreciate this amazing work.


Produced by: Alex Chandon, Duncan Jarman, J. Karapateas
Cinematography by: Alex Chandon
Editing by: Alex Chandon
Special Effects by: Duncan Jarman
Music by: ?
Country: U.K
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Shape-Shifting Films