Directed by: Karim Hussain
Written by: Karim Hussain
Stars: Marie-Josée Croze, Barbara Ulrich, Ilona Elkin... read more

Year: 2002
Genrer: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Run time: 1h 48 min
My rating: 4.5 out of 5

This is one of those love/hate movies, and sure some people may be completely indifferent to it. I don’t deny such a possibility at all, but what has come to my personal knowledge is that there are people that have sat there bigeyed and followed every line the actresses have spoken, and some friends have grown far beyond bored and pressed stop after a half an hour.

Like one of my friends said: " - They were just walking in the stairs, I pressed fast forward a couple of times and they were still in the stairs. It was like three hours of some people walking in the stairs".

The most of them that really couldn't get in to this are big fans of Karim Hussains previous work Subconscious Cruelty, a great film but that movie built itself up on metaphoric visuals which were rather gory while Ascension is based on dialogues, atmospehere, surrealism and hardly any blood, but some uneasing images are shown on the screen. Ofcourse this one is also packed with metaphores and philosophic topics but in a completely different angle:

God is murdered and the being that took his place have created a commotion that humankind have never seen nor felt before, for in the exact moment when God died he or she became shattered into millions of particles and entered the bodies of the human race - thus every human was gifted with magical power and the free will to use it by it's own whims.

As a megalomaniacal chaos reigns and an endless cycle of murder spreads in the immortal human sphere three women take on the hard task to search for the being that took God´s place and is responsible for this cause and stop it. The closer they come the harder the mission gets, and the higher they get the more failed bodies of other seekers they pass to their goal their own bodies grow even more frail.

So where do I stand when it comes to Ascension? I love it! For me it's just not people walking in the stairs but yes the movie exists mostly by three women walking in the stairs towards a greater being that they have to kill, and they are actually passing a couple of weird bodies and things in the way and there's alot of talking. That's how I could sum it up from a not so emotional and just from an empty, superficial point of view.

For me Ascension became more than so - I prefer ambience and atmosphere before gore and blood - it's more of a complex art to handle as it can be percieved individually while gore is more based on which limit you want to choose - to gross out your audience or make them laugh. It's really hard to explain these kind of things that goes deeper into the mind and sets of a myriad of different emotions and thoughts, and I can fully understand people that dislike this movie in every single way but I´m definitely on another page with this one.

Ascension moves in a slow dying pace and glows vibrantly with a rusted dystopic aura and has a grey dreamlike way of taking the most simple setting or sentence and put it into a new light with minor effort. And the tired, dragging conversations between the women although in short form touches many different subject as life, death, religion, the weakness of being human and still the possibilities and the strength you have as a human without godlike powers, and the curse of those that believe that they have it, the positive and negative sides of the aging process and alot more that goes around the spoken word.

Even if they weren't the most outstanding from a philosophical standpoint to me, it meant more than alot of other movies have been able to provide. And in the trance I got in, I read many things between the lines and it triggered the cogwheels in my brain to move even faster.

There's nothing I can say to make people like this and there's nothing no one can say to make me dislike it - It's more of an experience and not a horrormovie.


Produced by: Hiromi Aihara, Julien Fonfrede, Samuel Gagnon, Karim Hussain, Yuri Yoshimura-Gagnon
Cinematography by: Karim Hussain
Editing by: Eric Lavoie
Special Effects by: Bruno Gatien, Kyle Glencross, C.J. Goldman, Adrien Morot, Philippe Spurrell
Music by: David Kristian
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Another World Entertainment