Fuzzy Monkey Films combines professional wrestling and horror to create a gore soaked nightmare in their new film WRESTLEMASSACRE!  Their goal is to create an entertaining movie unlike anything you've seen before.

WRESTLEMASSACRE is Fuzzy Monkey Films' 7th feature. Some of their previous films include KILLER CAMPOUT, FIENDISH FABLES and MILFS VS ZOMBIES.

WRESTLEMASSACRE is a unique take on the slasher sub genre. It follows a down on this luck landscaper who dreams of one day becoming a professional wrestler. His overbearing mother, jerk boss and rude clients all treat him horribly and show him no respect. After a particularly rough day he snaps. Donned in wrestling gear, he sets out on a brutal killing spree to exact revenge on those who wronged him. With each kill he takes a piece of the victim as a souvenir and uses them to assemble a tile belt made of human remains. Two hard boiled detectives are hot on his trail, but can they stop him before it's too late?

The film is being directed by Brad Twigg (KILLER CAMPOUT) with a musical score by Toshiyuki Hiraoka (SAMURAI COP 2) and special makeup effects by Marcus Koch (WE ARE STILL HERE) and James Bell (FANGBONER).

The cast includes Richie Acevedo (OUTSIDERS), Rene Dupree (Former WWE Tag Team Champion), Nikolai Volkoff (WWE Hall of Fame Inductee), Rosanna Nelson (MILFS VS ZOMBIES), Rick Jermain (KILLER CAMPOUT), Cayt Feinics (CHAOS A.D.), Michael Merchant (NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE), Brittany Blanton (DON'T FUCK IN THE WOODS), Brandy Mason (RETURN TO RETURN OF NUKE 'EM HIGH), Eric Danger Dion (CANNIBAL CLAUS), Nadia White (TERRORTORY), Johnny Youngblood (THE LEGEND OF BLACK ANNIE), Kevin Tyler (WWE TOUGH ENOUGH), Krystal Pixie Adams (DEATH-SCORT SERVICE), and more.

Fuzzy Monkey Films have a portion of the budget but still need more funds to make the film. The budget listed on Indie Go-Go is the bare minimum needed to get the film off the ground. If we are lucky enough to raise more than the budget listed we will use the money to get more name pro wrestlers and more effects leading to a bigger and better movie. Every penny raised will be put on screen.

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