Directed by: Ryan Nicholson
Written by: Ryan Nicholson
Stars: Dan Ellis, Monique Parent, Tina Krause

Year: 2014
Genrer: Horror, Short, Thriller
Run time: 15 minutes
My rating: 4 out of 5

The Profane Exhibit might be the most talked about and revered anthology never released.  Some people swear it will eventually come while others claim it'll never see the light of day.  Regardless, it contains some damn fine short films from some crazy well known  international directors (Uwe Boll, Andrey Iskanov, Marian Dora etc) including this one by Canadian make up maestro and director Ryan Nicholson.  The Good Wife is a great example of 15 minutes of well made nastiness featuring Ryan Nicholson at his best.

We get psycho Dan Ellis in the lead role who has graced many great underground films including Nicholson's Hanger, Star Vehicle and Gutterballs plus Marcus Koch's Bloodshock.  Ellis plays a sadistic and perverted husband who spends his days abducting women, torturing, killing and pissing on them in a chosen ran down location.  The Good Wife's short running time means it has to get to the point quickly by not fucking around.  We don't get much insight into Ellis's character but by his attire we assume he lives a standard suburban-esque home life with his wife played by Monique Parent.

It seems as if Monique has devoted her life unconditionally to her husband giving into his every whim and need.  One day while Ellis is out hunting down more girls to victimize Monique finds a photo album during her daily laundry duties.  Once she cracks open the album its clear to see what her dear husband has been up to.  Meanwhile Ellis abducts another girl (Tina Krause) and brings her back to his dilapidated den of sin to partake in more extra curricular activities.  Before the fun begins Ellis's wife shows up and although showing signs of disgust earlier looking at the pictures of the violated girls she now wants to take part in the festivities because that's what a good wife would do right?

Nicholson really hits a nerve with this short film.  It's very well made, uncompromising and Dan Ellis and Monique are playing some serious deep rooted and convincing roles here.  Disturbing content galore and some well done and graphic make effects work that is surprisingly not too over the top but just the right amount of bloodthirsty to get the point across.  I would say its probably  some of Nicholson's best work and I am a fan of his more tongue in cheek offerings like Gutterballs but The Good Wife really brings this straitlaced and believable nastiness to the forefront.

If you ever get the pleasure of checking out The Good Wife or any of the other Profane Exhibit material I suggest you jump on it because if this short is any indication of the quality of the other material then its definitely worth watching.  Special thanks to Ryan Nicholson for sending this for my viewing pleasure, it was definitely a demented treat of well made underground film making at its finest.


Produced by: Ryan Nicholson
Cinematography by: Ryan Nicholson
Editing by: Ryan Nicholson
Special Effects by: Megan Nicholson
Music by: ?
Country: Canada
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Plotdigger Films.