Directed by: Janne Widmark
Written by: Janne Widmark
Stars: John Soliman, Rolf-Gunnar Widmark... read more

Year: 1998
Genrer: Action, Short, Splatter
Run time: 30 minutes
My rating: 2.5 out of 5

After Janne Widmark (Drowning Ghost, Kung Fury) discovered that we had written an article about their short film "Björkpollen of the DEAD" a few years ago, he contacted us and asked us if we were interested in watching the short film "Spikfödd", which has actually premiered today (27/05) on VAFF Film Festival in Umeå, Sweden.

19 years ago, Film in Västerbotten sent out a bunch of young filmmakers and actors in the Norrlandian wintercold forests where they recorded a fun splatter movie during three weekends. The film was never finished and nobody would ever mention it again ... in 19 years. In a moving box labeled "Cutlery" they found the forgotten material. The film was compiled by a bunch of old filmmakers who had nothing better to do at the moment and the result became a dark-filled "wild western" with a gangster-robber and a crazy family.

After a failed robbery in the village's oldest store, the robber Jamil (John Soliman) leaves the store with a bag filled with lots of 50-cent coins. From there it will be a heavy and cold escape through Sweden's snowy forests. On the verge of hypothermia, Jamil is soon kidnapped by a religious and mentally unstable family with anti-semitic views and perverse settlements.

So, It was possible to save the material with help of a smart opposition of digital effects and modify it with a filter from an old-fashioned perspective. It should also be added that the mythical "Skinhead Sauron" has made the music which actually adds an extra strength of efficiency. Yes, it simply became a Swedish splatter silent film in no-color - Not as clever as I wished though. But what more could you expect from a budget of $2000, a car explosion that probably consisted a 90% of the budget and a 30-minute playtime with newbee teenagers?

Even if Jamil is reborn and finds gold, faith and a family by only using a nail, it takes even more to make a movie interesting today. But if you still like Alex Chandon's Drillbit and Bad Karma, or if you're a bigger fan of Jim Van Bebber's Deadbeat At Dawn, I definitely think that this one is working for you.

For the critical one I have to add this; some of the actors have had a huge journey through the years. Even though "Spikfödd" has never received any awards, actor Love Larson has at least worked with David Fincher, James Bond, and has two oscar nominations. And our hero John Soliman hasn't only been The Black Man in the western sci-fi shortie "No Law 4000", but he did also worked as a magician/illusionist in Britain for a decade.

But now the movie doesn't win any points due to future achievements. I had a bit hard to undergo the spectacle. It had definitely worked for 19 years ago, but today it feels too un-original and I understand why it has been in a box in all these years. But at the same time I understand the idea of restoring it; It has some fun practical effects and should definitely belong to a part of the small splatter movie's archive in Sweden along with Resurrection of Michael Myers 1-2, Evil ED and Sex, Lies & Videoviolence.


Produced by: Janne Widmark
Cinematography by: ?
Editing by: Janne Widmark
Special Effects by: ?
Music bySkinhead Sauron
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Color: Black/White

Distributor: Janne Fantastic