Written by: Richard Taylor.

Las Vegas, Nevada film maker and major horror fan Drew Maverick brings his love for 80's slasher films to the screen in this humorous and bloody romp.  Maverick's love for the genre is prevalent from what I've seen of his presence on social media and Pool Party Massacre was definitely a labor of love as I believe it was filmed in Maverick's own home and made for around $6000.  For this low budget the movie looks fantastic and probably one of the more professionally  shot  low budget outings I have stumbled upon.  Its easy to see that Maverick has his tongue firmly planted in cheek with his approach to Pool Party Massacre as it doesn't take itself too seriously and tries to have fun with the story.  

I enjoyed the style and playful look of the movie but especially the dialogue in that intro conversation with Blair (Kristen Noel McKusik) and her parents as they leave for a trip making their daughter responsible for the house, the dog and the party she has in store.  Blair might have a pool party planned on her parents tab but there is a killer lurking and watching them, waiting to strike.  A killer with impeccably clean blue coveralls and penchant for using  carpenters tools in a very obsessive compulsive fashion to get the job done.

I really enjoyed the credit intro to Pool Party Massacre as well, crazy techno metal music amalgamated with this old school 8-bit video game animation and it works wonderfully.  I read a few reviews for Pool Party Massacre before writing my own and I read some reviewers claiming the title basically describes what exactly this movie is. I disagree with this sentiment somewhat. It's not really much of a big crazy pool party as it is a small gathering of snobby and artificial looking over privileged slags bitching at each other.  Then a couple male goombah's drop by unexpectedly to add to the body count including a character named Trey played by Nick Byer who is supposed to add the comic relief.  Byer's character tries a little too hard in the comedic department but his death scene is effective and funny enough.

The gore effects in this are not bad but a lot of them do rely on how many weapons (pick ax, hammer, ax) you can cut the end off and stick in the actors/actresses face.  I did enjoy the killers methodical selection of killing tools in the work shed, this added a nice humorous touch.  Pool Party Massacre plays out as a throwback or retro homage to the 80's and for the most part it works but it ends up being almost too typical like the slashers its trying to emulate and becomes a standard slow moving by the numbers slasher with some comedy added into the mix.  Still, when all is said and done it is nice to get a film like this because you can tell there is still a genuine love there and a passion for the genre and anyone who has the balls to get into the indie movie making game and follow their love for the old school horror styling of the 80's gets my respect.

Overall Pool Party Massacre is a cool new age slasher with its roots firmly planted in the old school zone.  I love the poster art for it and I believe there are also headless figurines to be purchased along with the movie which is every horror collectors wet dream, horror figs and slasher flicks for the win.  I believe director Drew Maverick is having great success with Pool Party Massacre which is awesome and I hope to see him take the plunge (no pun intended) again with another indie horror entry because I'm interested to see where he goes from here.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Directed by: Drew Maverick
Written by: Drew Maverick
Produced by: Drew Maverick and Brian Mills
Cinematography by: Brian Mills
Editing byBrian Mills
Special Effects by: Christopher Arredondo, Katie Jacobs
Music by: Mike Conway
Cast: Kristin Noel McKusick, Alexis Adams, Drew Maverick, Mark Justice, Destiny Faith Nelson, Jenifer Maverick, Nick Byer, Crystal Stoney
Year: 2017
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 21min

Distributor: Floating Eye Films/Big Idea Productions