Written by: Greigh Johanson.

Nobody may have missed these stylish cover-arts that are often featured on underground and independent movies released on VHS / DVD / Bluray. The artist is named Martin Trafford and has made a rapid advance just in recent years together with Joe Meredith and Phil Stevens in The Insomnia Collective.

If you look at the banner above here, you'll also see a logotype that this artist has created, and we are deeply grateful for this collaboration with hugely skilled people. Thousand of thanks to you Martin.

Martin Trafford studied illustration in the UK under the sixties psychedelic artist Dudley Edwards (of Edwards binder and Vaughan- they painted John lennon's rolls Royce!). Since qualifying in Illustration in 1995 he have also worked on and off as a freelance illustrator.

Over the years he have been involved in a number of projects, among other things he has created artwork extensively for Jörg Buttgereit, producing pin up illustrations/ t shirt and vhs sleeves and more recently his Captain Berlin comic books and co-written/ illustrated "Son of Nekromantik" the joint creation of the only official sequel to Nekromantik 2 in comic book form.

As a champion of the underground and indie horror scene he has created work for productions such as Arrow VideoPoint and Shoot Films, Vultra Video, Capps Collective, Helvete Video, Underground Gorellectors, Oldskull, Toxic Filth, Hardgore Core, The Insomnia Collective, Goregasmic Cinema, Ulkurzu, Weissblech Comics, Blacklava Entertainment and Foxtrot Productions.

He has also worked with amongst others:

Adrian Baezs (LA Ripper & Flesh and Blood a Go-Go)
Bob Ferreiras (The Carnage)
Brian Yuznas (Society)
Fred Vogels (August Underground)
Guy Pearces (The Rope Maiden)
Jason Hoovers (I Am No One & The Dead Bodies In Room 223)
Jochen Stephans (Blutnacht 1&2)
Joe Stauffers (Pieces of Talent)
Juval Marlons (Torture Fetish)
Jörg Buttgereits (Schramm, Captain Berlin & Nekromantik)
Kasper Juhls (Madness of Many)
Klayton Deans (Feed the Black)
Larry Wessels (Eric and Shaye)
Laurent Tissiers (Ed Kemper Part 3, Videoverkill and Blasphemy)
Magnus Blomdahls (Revisiting Melancholie der Engel)
Marian Doras (Cannibal)
Nick Decarlos (Beneath the Underground Film Festival Poster)
Phil Stevens (Flowers & Lung II)
Reuben Claridges (Caravan)
Ron Decaros (Halibut Point)
Scott Schirmers (Found, Headless & Plank Face)
Shane Ryans (Faces of Snuff & Ted Bundy had a son)
Tony Newtons (60 seconds to die, VHS lives 1&2 and Grindsploitation 3: Video Nasty.)

Martin has also had work exhibited in U.K., France, Australia, Madrid and the United States. He was one of the two founding members of The Doodlemanifesto in the UK together with Steve Try. Martin now resides in Australia and concentrates on getting all of his head wrongs down on paper!

Today he is toying with the idea of collecting a bunch of the underground and Arrow Video horror art together in a limited edition A4-poster book.

"- People keep asking me for prints of various pieces I've done and I have never sold prints before. My thinking was at least if I collect them all together in an art book people can still have a little of everything. It's going to be limited at first as I don't know how many people would actually be interested?.. I'm thinking more in a comic book than classic art book-style would suit my work more? Early stages at this point."
- Martin Trafford

Find out more about Martin here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Traffart/?fref=ts
Homepage: http://traffart.wixsite.com/traffart
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7693957/