Written by: Laurent Tissier.

GENERATION AX isn't a gory movie, but a sort of bloody road-movie without any motorized epic souls! It's directed by Tommy Faircloth and has a very quickly affection for the couple that makes us think of Bonnie and Clyde in modern times without falling into the classic clichés!

We meet a selfish middle-class mother who most of all wishing her daughter's access to The BEAVERS (A cheerleaders team) perpetuated for generations (nod to the title?). Later we see a nice brother's worried for his friend who's addicted to drugs, not letting him imagine that he would be able to commit an abject act afterwards; still unsympathetic, selfish, ready to do anything to achieve his ends. In the middle of all they meeting up two teenagers around the cocktail "suicide" which is none other than a mixture of soda, but especially the departure of a love complicity flawless.

The first murder seems excessive even if the victim's a small pretentious person with no other goal in life than to integrate the BEAVERS team. The second one is felt more like a thirst for justice than a simple vengeance aiming to clean the society of abominable beings, who are frequented every day without knowing it! Over time we understand the couple and we support their purifying quest hoping for a glorious finale or the (bad) heroes get away without any scratchings... But how will it end?

We could have expected a slow movie, presenting the middle of the cheerleaders as often has been seen as a bunch of dorky bitches with a bad sence of humor and that the actresses constantly is naked in order to attract more spectators, but not in this case! This feature film plunges us into various layers of sometimes a dark society and the characters don't appear to be the ones they actually are.

The most disturbing thing is getting men with long hair to appear as a disadvantage! There are two of them in here:
1. A soda / popcorn seller with extremely unpleasant movies.
2. A marijuana smoker, pretentious, disrespectful and ... violence!

Apart from that, nothing has to be thrown away. All goes well and makes the time disappear pretty fast... No, we don't see the time passby from start because of a short duration time, but for its entertainment. GENERATION AX isn't a blockbuster- nor a mainstream movie in my opinion, but it's a cult-flick, especially for those who's in search of novelties, originalities and underground movies.

There's no deadly- or boring time here, because each of the scenes brings something to the story, or to the characters embodied by promising young actors. The special effects are simple and effective without showing too much (they remain bloody anyway) in order to make it work out.

GENERATION AX is a good underground film, well done with more than correct actors and special effects going right to the point!

This film was distributed in France to a publisher that doesn't exist today, signed FRENCH UNCUT MOVIES. (Unfortunately the VHS is exhausted!) This movie will surely delight fans of horror movies with high school students..

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5

Directed by: Tommy Faircloth
Written by: Tommy Faircloth
Produced by: Tommy Faircloth, Robert Hall, Saige Taff
Cinematography by: Wade Sellers
Editing by: Les Fesperman
Special Effects by: Michael R. Smith
Music by: James Rauch
Cast: Marina Morgan, Blair Deal, Jennifer Peluso, Jason Gambrell, Tim Moran, Emmy Stevens, Jamie Daugherty, Sarah Holloman, Amy R. Swaim, Monica Wyche, Tara Haas, Robert Steinmeyer.
Year: 2001
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 18min

Distributor: Horse Creek Productions