Artist: Blood of Christ
Album: ...a Dream to Remember

Year: 1997 (Re-released in 2005)
Genrer: Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal
Run time: 43 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

This blackened death metal band from London, Ontario Canada deliver a thought provoking assault of death metal spiked with their own originality.  For 1997 this release was way ahead of its time and even though I don't like comparisons it has similar sounds to stuff like early Dark Tranquility, Emperor, early In Flames and any other European Doom style death metal released in that era.

It definitely promotes that doomier atmosphere in lyric content and visuals from the CD and inlay booklet, I get that My Dying Bride, early Paradise Lost, early Anathema vibe as well.  The music that Blood Of Christ display however is not slow enough to be considered a doom metal released as its very maniacal with different time changes, break downs and other impressive technical arrangements.  The vocals are deep and guttural but not brutal death metal gurgles, more like the dark undertones of stuff like the vocal style on Serenades from Anathema but it often breaks off into these higher pitched screams somewhat reminiscent of black metal.  The final song on the CD titled Whispers From The Forest sports some clean Gothic sounding vocals which are really cool, a direction that the band takes on their later releases.

We get some slow parts and different atmospheric bass lines and bits thrown in there but its all pretty much a straight forward death metal affair with some nice technical work thrown in.  Lots of time changes, blast beats in there too and some great drum break downs, its a chaotic mix of fury and masterful dark death metal.  The lyrical content borders on a lot of personal topics but steeped in that mythical vibe with forests and ancient warfare.  I read an interview with one of the band members and they actually say they dislike writing the cheesy Norwegian Black Metal  sensibilities with the snow covered forests and so forth plus they have no time for writing about gore, murder, mutilations, they prefer personal topics and emotional events.

They released a number of demos before A Dream To Remember and also another couple full lengths after this one plus the band is still active so hopefully new material will follow as I have been reading on social media.  A Dream To Remember was released by another label in Denmark called Diehard Music, plus had an unofficial Russian cassette release and finally was remastered and released by CDN Records in 2005.  The other two full lengths they have available are As The Rain Gently Falls and Breeding Chaos which are also titled as Anthology II and III releases which go even further into what Blood Of Christ has to offer up.

More Canadian death metal goodness which deserves much exposure for being unique, dark and influential in its originality and execution.  With a foot hold clearly in the vein of many European metal counterparts this band from London, Ontario, Canada can hold their own and more as their powerful sound and enigmatic song structures speak volumes.


Band members:
Jeff Longo - Guitars, Keyboards
Jason Jongo - Drums, Percussion
Conan Bulani (R.I.P. 2011) - Vocals
Marek Kopala - Bass

Label: Pulverizer Records | CDN Records
Country: Canada

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Blood-of-Christ-181579219716/