Artist: Assimilation
Album: The Laws of Powers

Year: 2017
Genrer: Death Metal, Thrash Metal,
Run time: 56 minutes
My rating: 5 out of 5

You might think I'm a self-centered asshole focusing exclusively on the Swedish metal scene? Well, Sweden has really damn good bands, that's for sure and can't be overridden, but let me leave Sweden for a while and let me travel to Canada (As time is very similar to Sweden from many points of view) but anyway. What do we know about Canadian Metal? Anvil? Kick Axe? Wtf, come on you old dusty slug. Better up: Inches Of Blood, Axis of Advance, Kataklysm, Skull Fist, Cryptopsy, Gorelust, Annihilator and fucking VOIVOD. NOW WE'RE TALKING!

Is there anyone of you who have been heard of Ceaseless Discharge before? Yes, of course, it's a fire demon from the Dark Souls game, but also a former Canadian grindcore / death metal band that appeared in 2011 by guitarist Jesse James Jardine. I have no knowledge right now if they ever released any material until they were dissolved a year later and changed their bandname to ASSIMILATION in 2012 and changed their style to Old School Death / Thrash Metal in the proper Re-animator-spirit, as well as Ritual Sacrifice, Terrifier and Natural Hate.

I found Jesse on instagram of pure chance and through there I discovered his project. Assimilation, Vancouver's premiere old school inspired death/thrash band. They offer right in-your-face metal. Disgusting and scary as fuck. After the release of their first EP, Apotheosis from 2015, they recruited Shiloh Anderson on bass and Matt Chanway on lead guitar to round out the new, more focused sound. This is dirty and screwed with a catchy development just to be a new era of old death (which otherwise tends to be repetitive and boring to be honest.)

The Laws of Power quickly starts with the track "Sigil of The False God" a bootkick on the nutsack. No elaborated, boring and meaningless intro; just rigorous, degrading and sickly thrashened metal with skullfucking drumbeats with insane blast wounds, hard-ass bassruns like well-stocked guitar-solos like a frigging Sami Raatikainen (Necrophagist) and with highpitched shrieks like a rodent mantis mutilating his younger brother.

This is how I want to have my Death Metal; in the true spirit of neo-classical shred style and fingerslapping bass guitars. A really cool music experience with good production and self-confidence. It's hard as hell to get the extraordinary old school feeling with today's new technology, but Assimilation has managed to capture the whole concept that gets my neckline and ballsack want to travel from Sweden to giant Canada once and for all.

Apotheosis and Massive Liquidation may be my two biggest favourite tracks from this album, but all titles have their own greatness. It's an album that's required to listen through several times to form new perceptions. It isn't easy listening, not at all, but the details are important to summarize a little more carefully to understand what kind of talents I'm talking about.

The Laws of Power was released on CD in 550 limited pieces via SAOL (Service For Artist Owned Labels) in March 17th, 2017 and deserves a purchase if you like stylish old school metal. I'm looking forward to what kind of magic set they have for the next release.


Band members:
Jesse Jardine - Vocals, Guitar
Matthew Chanway - Guitar
Shiloh Anderson - Bass
Stephen Shaw - Drums

Rene Wilkinson - Lead Guitars

Label: SAOL
Country: Canada

Bandcamp: https://assimilationvancouver.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AssimilationVancouver