100 TEARS (2007)

Directed by: Marcus Koch
Written by: Joe Davison
Stars: Georgia Chris, Joe Davison, Raine Brown... read more

Year: 2007
Genrer: Gore, Horror
Run time: 1h 30 min
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

My friends actually recommended this movie to me when it got its release. The selling points were a cheap B-movie with a killing clown, loads of blood and loads of fun - so I bought it with once and those premisses certainly did come true!

A brutal serial killer is maiming his way through hundreds of victims and the only trace he leaves are smudges of makeup and a painted teardrop in blood, a message that gave him the nickname "Teardrop killer" by the media. The two tabloid journalists Jennifer and Mark sets out to investigate the case and they see their biggest opportunity when the killer strikes again in an equally gory, relentless fashion. In a matter of days start to come closer to the fresh big footsprints left by Gurdy the clown.

This movie wins with the extremely exaggerrated gore scenes, completely visual dismemberments, decapitations and gallons of blood are being thrown and squished around the screen, oddly enough the torture on the victims that he brought back to his place and bound where boring, uninspired and just ended with once, whilst the violence when Gurdy attacks his victims is graphic and nothing is left for your own imagination.

It's not just the messy and gory parts that hold the interest, the investigating team doesn't really bore you out either, well didn't bore me out anyway, they have a nice relation and it seems loose, friendly and not forced as so many other set ups in movies or tv-shows, and it's not all too often that you see the female character complaining about the lack of sex.

Well it's a lowbudget movie so of course it got those special characters - not the greatest acting or camerawork and well alot of flaws overall and the effects and props? Well, there are a whole bunch of them so it was probably a hell of a work - not the most realistic, but certainly a decent enough work to deliver buckets of some good gory fun, and it makes me more happy to see that there is no cgi, just a great amount of old school slaughter.


Produced by: Alanna Baker, Elmar Berger, Leslie Crytzer,
Joe Davison, Ted Geoghegan, Chris Geyer, Mel House

Cinematography by: Wesley Wing
Editing by: ?
Special Effects by: Marcus Koch, Chris Polidoro, Clayton Smith
Music by: Kristian Day, Carl Homer
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Unearthed Films