Montreal Canada extreme underground film maker Yan Kaos is coming to pulverize you with his D.I.Y. label to unleash another demented love letter to one of his true passions, all out no holds barred gore.  With over a dozen releases including short films and compiled international gore compilations in collaboration with other gore monger movie makers this one Yan promises to destroy like never before. Yan has had a black and white teaser trailer up circulating on Facebook and YouTube but the movie will be featured in full blood drenched color.  

Yan has also sent out an exclusive online sample to all his supporters to wet their appetite for gore and give them a better idea but only the tip of the iceberg he promises of what is in store from the full length feature. You can expect to see Yan's lovely and deadly other half Nemesis Bathory getting violated once again in this one as well, she has never made getting brutalized look so good and appealing!

From the trailer the viewer can get an idea of what they are in for as the tops of heads are lopped off and brains are carved up, a meat grinder is used to dispose of body remnants, body cavities are gouged open, entrails are pulled out and much more all in full close up detail. Yan hopes to have Meat Butcher Baby 2: Twin Sisters Massacres complete and ready to go summer 2017. The movie is shot and needs to be edited and finishing touches added. As always Yan is doing everything else on his own terms with his select group of friends and family.

If you remember the original Meatbutcher Baby which was also available in a directors cut you know the kind of under the underground experience you are in for. The original Meatbutcher Baby is the short that exploded Yan on the scene and then with Necromance he completely invented a new kind of violation on film with an explicit and graphic detail of real penetration of fake corpses which is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

Yan Kaos is a a hardcore supporter of the underground and can be found on his own Facebook gore group titled Obsessed By Gore And Cruelty plus his films can be found in the pages of Goregasmic Magazine and in the exclusive gore Facebook group Hardgore Core. Support Yan D.I.Y. and come over to the darker side of the underground.