Satanath Records Co-release with Death Portal Studio, Fila Sophiae and Sphera Noctis Records: new album "Beyond This World's Illusion" of the Turkish black metal band The Sarcophagus out on April 4th, 2017! Mastered at Necromorbus Studio in Sweden. Cover art made by Paolo Girardi.

The Sarcophagus, one of the oldest black metal bands from Turkey, formed by Burak Sümer in 1996. In 1998 they released their first demo “Pagan Storm” which was a brilliant sample of classical black metal. Pagan Storm was distributed by lots of distros/labels such as Moribund Records (USA), Folter Records (DE), Pussy God Records (CZ) and Lynch Distro (TR).

In 2000 they entered the studio to record their self release promo album “Infernal Hordes of the Ancient Times”. This promo highligtened the success of the demo and drew attention of Black Metal fans from all around the world.

Infernal Hordes of The Ancient Times was the last work of The Sarcophagus in melodic black metal style. The album was viewed by lots of local and foreign metal magazines-webzines and the band made lots of interviews. During that period they took place in gigs and festivals.

In 2009 Niklas Kvarforth from Shining and Ozan Yıldırım from Raven Woods joined the band and they got signed with Osmose Productions for 7" EP “Hate Cult” and debut album “Towards The Eternal Chaos”. The new style was far away from the early beginning when they first formed the band.

Couple of years later Niklas decide to quit from all his other band projects to only focus on Shining. With this desicion, Mørkbeast from Russian black metal band Todestriebe joined as the new vocalist and than The Sarcophagus recorded this new album called “Beyond This World’s Illusion” in 2016 including 9 tracks to keep spreading the disease!

Mørkbeast - vocals
Burak Sümer - guitars, synth
Ozan Yıldırım - bass
Oktay Fıstık - drums (session)