In the early nineties a young German gore fan took it upon himself to make a couple of ultra low budget productions in the countryside.  Unfortunately the movie caught the attention of the local authorities and caused much turmoil for the young film maker.  Fortunately these two films will forever go down in the annals of cult splatter history and remains a cult favorite which has acquired a die hard following in the underground. Blutnacht 1 and 2 are considered the covenant of the ark of gore movies and those who hold dear the sacred art of splatter.  

This Is An Interview With Blutnacht German Splatter Meister Jochen Stephan.

Richard Taylor:
First, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions with myself and Goregasmic Magazine/Cinema.  Your movies Blutnacht 1 and 2 have developed a cult following in the underground cinema world with gore movie fans.  Why do you think Blutnacht has had such an impact and has gotten so many fans and followers?  

Jochen Stephan:
- I think because I have a lot of personal contact with other collectors and because I have turned them into films of passion and love for splatter.

I understand you were very young when you started making Blutnacht, around the age of 19.  What made you want to go out and make a gore film?  What was your inspiration and is Blutnacht the movie you had originally planned on making or did something different come out of it?

- Yes I was 18/19 years old when I made Blutnacht 1.  My inspiration was definitely Black Past, Burning Moon, Violent Shit and Zombie 90 and from the international movies.  The old movies from Todd Sheets and the movies from Nathan H. Schiff.  I love the old amateur splatter movies.

The question fans want to know is there plans to make Blutnacht 3?  I've read some things about it and I've seen a Facebook fan page for Blutnacht 3.  Is there any idea if this will get made or is it just wishful thinking by the fans and friends?

- Unfortunately it will be relatively safe to say there will be no Blutnacht 3.  With my first two movies I had many problems with the police. In between, I have two children and that would not be good for the children if there were problems with the police again. The German laws are very bad. I have many new ideas but unfortunately can not put them into practice

You are well respected and known in the underground trading scene as well because you have one of the most extensive collections of rare movies and you provide a lot of information and trades with other collectors.  A lot of the stuff many die hard fans have never heard of including myself.  How many titles do you have in your collection at this moment?  You also have your collection very well organized like that similar to a movie store with the shelves.  Do you mind sharing some photos of your collection with us?  

- I have been collecting horror movies for over 20 years.  very intensely I collect rare films.  I have 5000 dvds and 1500 vhs.  Many of them are limited and hard to find. It is my hobby and makes it fun finding the movies that are very rare.  I would love to share some photos of my collection with you.

Lets talk in detail about the legal issues you had making Blutnacht.  Were the authorities not pleased with the content of the film or the way you were shooting? I live in Canada which is generally a pretty laid back place but even here film makers have been persecuted with obscenity laws such as effects artist/director Remi Couture and his Inner Depravity movies and website which were investigated in the documentary Art/Crime.   

- The authorities in Germany said that there was too much violence in my films. It was decided to put my films on the black list, not banned but on the black list. The police searched my house twice and everything involved with the film had to be confiscated (copies of the movie, script,clothes,masks etc.)

What are currently your favorite splatter movies/directors and what would you consider your most rare and prized title you have in your collection?

- My favorite director is Lucio Fulci and my favorite movie is Peter Jackson's Braindead (Dead Alive).  It is hard to say what my biggest treasures are. There is so damn much! The 3 vhs cassettes from Bethmanns "Weststadt massacre 1-3" are definitely up there.  

The original Blutnacht was a very rough production as you can see in the quality, what changes did you make when filming part 2.  The quality was much better, I'm guessing you bought a new camera and had more experience by the time the second one was made?

- I had more experience and a better camera so the technology was much better. Another issue was that part 1  was never intended for the public. The main reason is simply that part 2 exactly 10 years later was released and was a re-vision of the original.  

There have been plans to release an English friendly version of Blutnacht for awhile but nothing really came of it until recently?  An indie label in the U.K. titled Oldskull released it just recently with English subtitles and have plans to release part 2 as well?

- Yes, there are plans for part 2 with English subtitles but I can not say when the publication will be, but I hope in the next few months. I am very glad about this publication because I have many friends outside of Germany.

Where do you find yourself these days?  You have a family but still collect and attend movie festivals?  Do you think you'll ever collaborate with anyone to make a film in the future?

- Yes I am still attending events.  After the birth of my second daughter I can't go so often to events and I can no longer buy any films because family is first place for me but I will always collect as much as I'm able to.  Horror movies are a big passion for me and a big part of my life.

Have you ever thought of having a Blutnacht reunion with the old crew and friends? And once again thank you for taking the time for these questions and delivering two sacred pieces of splatter history.  

- I have only two people who I have stayed in contact with from part 1 and part 2. I see most people still because they all live close to me but many I don't have contact with anymore. There probably will not be a big meeting/reunion in the future.  Many thanks for the interview and greetings to all horror fans and above all the friends who have supported me and blood night...stay gory!

You can get in touch with Jochen Stephan on Facebook about ordering Blutnacht 1 and 2 on DVD directly from Jochen signed with posters as well as any self discerning splatter fan needs these in their collection.