Written by: Richard Taylor.

After checking out the first installment of The Gore Shriek Resurrectus comic book from Rough House Publishing the founder Derek Rook shared my review and I then started scoping out what else Rough House had to offer.  The book that caught my eye was titled The Dead Omnibus and to be honest I knew nothing about it except the cover looked fucked up as hell, it was a huge over 200 page graphic novel and it included a bunch of crazy extras.  I had no idea the history and back story behind this massive piece of essential gore comic reading.  A book drenched in so much horror comic history and disgustingly drawn gore that it just lunges at you off the fucking pages.  

This massive "Omnibus" combines a comic series that was developed in the 90's originally and simply titled The Dead. This graphic novel uses some new and unreleased material to breathe new life into The Dead series.  This book is a monster to hold in your hands and worth every penny.  This deluxe edition includes a CD soundtrack which needs to be listened to while you read and take in the demented content within the pages. The soundtrack plays as an atmospheric nightmare inducing trip of epic proportions and is the perfect music companion piece to the book.  We also get a bunch of great stickers, a Derek Rook customized sketch (mine was his terrifying and masterful rendition of Freddy Krueger) and a barf bag plus some other cool shit (I've included a pic of everything I got with the book).

The book itself is a beautiful deep black and white piece with glossy pages and contains some severely sick ass stories of zombie gore mixed with lots of twisted and perverted sexual violence.  No doubt Dead World was the originator of the zombie gore comic before anyone was doing it and then The Dead came along and capitalized on the zombie genre by giving it an independent do it yourself flair as creators Ralph Griffith and Stuart Kerr took matters into their own hands.  Lots of great artists work on this series including a guy named Vince Locke who also worked on Dead World and became infamous for doing some of the most controversial covers for hugely popular death metal band Cannibal Corpse.  I'm not sure if I should thank Locke or curse him out for all the shit my parents gave me for buying Tomb Of The Mutilated, they really didn't know what to think of me when I brought that cd home even to this day!

Kerr, Griffith and Locke worked on Dead World in the late eighties long before The Walking Dead walked or Crossed was convincing newbies it was the most extreme series to end all series and every other comic is for pussies.  When Arrow Comics closed its doors this team created The Dead and even the covers read as some early fucked up shit as many of them featured tame and graphic covers teetering on the tongues of bad taste.  Like Dead World and unlike most zombie comics/movies in general the undead within the pages take on very human qualities and are not only walking piles of maggot infested flesh humps stumbling around hungering for human flesh and organs.  The zombies are clever, still maintaining very human-like qualities and they usually have lots of disturbing dialogue, are bent on sexually defiling humans and are still doing their jobs in a new twisted and demented form.  We get zombie cops, military personnel, paramedics and more and they all have humorous and sinister agenda's.

Within these pages most of the humans are just as deplorable as the zombies, maybe worse and really the zombies are just brutally enhanced versions of their former selves when raw animalistic lust takes over, a scenario which plays out especially in the story Gerald's Game.  Probably my favorite piece in the book being the first chapter titled Dirty Black Summer.  This opening story is simple and effective in delivery and appearance but is equally as nasty.  From reading The Dead Omnibus you get an idea of what your in for when the intro mocks The Walking Dead and absolutely devastates it lovingly with tongue in cheek or cock in hand (literally) percision.  The cover of this graphic novel is so sick and twisted as well and is what first drew me to the book like a sick and hungry fly on a shiny turd I knew it was going to deliver and actually brought me back to the days of Vince Locke's Cannibal Corpse covers (not forgetting Jason Moore's work on it as well of course!).

So we get a bunch of separate tales some shorter than others and some meet up further along in the series towards the end.  We get different artists perspectives on the zombie carnage but all are like-minded in delivery and all deliver with highly sexually charged overtones, seething violence, gore and terror.  In the back of the book we are also treated to the actual color covers of the original Dead comics including the tame and explicit versions plus alternate covers which were never used.  I really don't want to get into exact details of each story and ruin the experience.

Every gore and horror comic collector needs to pick up this book.  Its in very limited quantities and if you want one contact Derek Rook on Facebook or visit Rough House Publishing on Facebook or better yet email roughhousepublishing@gmail.com and secure your copy now.  Its available in a $30 standard edition or a $60 deluxe-edition which includes all the sweet ass extras I mentioned earlier. The book is a monster and absolutely crushes all The Walking Dead graphic novels combined, this thing is a fucking beast and its the originator and not the imitator.  All hail The Dead Omnibus and all the chaos its encompasses! Huge thanks to Derek Rook for unleashing this monster and giving me the opportunity to  experience it, I am forever grateful!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comic Book: The Dead Omnibus
Released by: Arrow Comics/Rough House Publishing in 2015.

Executive Producers: Ralph Griffith and Stuart Kerr
Associate Producer: Ralph Zimmerman
Artists: Jason Moore, Vince Locke, Matt Mason,
Deidre Crouch, Jeff Lafferty, Derek Rook

Art Director: Derek Rook
Graphic Design:
Derek Rook
Digital Restoration:
Derek Rook
Derek Rook

Creative Director and Managing Editor: Mike Wasion
Audio/Music Composer: Emmet Kiernan
Front Cover Art: Jason Moore and Vince Locke
Front Cover Design: Corpse Monger
Back Cover Art and Design: Mark Bloodworth
Layout Design: Todd Adams

Promoting And Sales: Sarah Michelle