Written by: Greigh Johanson.

Before David Quitmeyer became a director he started as an Internet Developer and set up a ton of corporate and adult websites. From there he also started setting up live video chats at a few places that made porn films and one day they asked him to help out on a shoot. Then the card was drawn, he invented his talent and when he met his friend Chris Spoto, the creation of the legendary title "Clown Porn" (The Movie) began.

Later David went from this bestial laughing clown porn to an older short story with the name "The Tape" - a screenplay David wrote in 1990, many years before the actual production of Slaughter Disc started. It still had the same theme about the dangers of addiction, whether to pornography, drugs and alcohol. He only modernize the story by adding cell phones, the Internet and DVD technology, which didn't exist when he originally wrote the story.

My own knowledge about porno gore extends to Joe D'Amato's Porno Holocaust. And, of course, as a faithful Troma fanatic, I've followed Doug Sakmann's filthy parodies with Tommy Pistol and not to forget Andreas Bethmann's bottomless and boring sleepy eternal-films. But from there it ends. My interest in pronography has never been strong, just because I think it's completely boring. The old same thing over and over again - they suck cock, they lick pussy, they fuck one or five asses or vaginas and then it ends with sperm between the tips, on the right buttock or over the face - Wiihoo, so imaginative and fun, huh? Only an unmarried farmer thinks that's fun to watch. No, I'm not serious about this condemnation, but you understand what I mean.

Anyway, of pure curiosity, I had to give Slaughter Disc an opportunity, because there can be something extra with all the blood and without trying to glamorize pornography, I became relentlessly fascinated by this term; Let me call it stylish pornography, because in this case, Slaughter Disc is meant to be Anti-Pornography. An idea I totally love.

Mike has a problem with porn. In fact, he is hopelessly addicted to porn. His whole life has been influenced by porn. In his quest for more porn, he stumbles on an advertisement in a magazine for an extreme porn movie. Without a doubt, Mike orders a DVD from the internet. When it arrives, there is no time for anything else, he places the disc in his player and begins to masturbate. But the longer in the disc he comes, he begins to find his friends who participate in the porn acts as shown, and they will not just be fucked, they will literally be fucked till death tears them apart.
Anti-porn or not, this is that kind of movie that stretches on all boundaries. Blending this pornographic work with a topical extravasation can cause a penis to crawl deeper into the foreskin, believe me. I felt a lot of discomfort in many cases - but the movie managed to elevate me, and even if it contains real pornography, you will ignore it quickly.

Usually, technology, as well as audio and video, are very poorly performed on low-budget movies. But strangely, I experienced this film surprisingly qualitative despite the fact that the sound guy left the production before it was finished. Nevertheless, Quitmeyer succeeded in completing his work with a budget of just $10,000. It was filmed in MiniDV-format and its effects range from half-poor Blue-screen and CGI technology, to phenomenal hand-characteristic effects.

The actors also do a pretty good bet, even though they are played by amateurs from the stage school. The biggest award in this case consists of pornstar Caroline Pierce under the pseudonym "Andromeda Strange". The music played on time in the film is performed by Peter Gorritz from the Gothic band "The Last Dance", which was hired in to determine a dark, well-built atmosphere for the performance of the stage.

This is no world-class movie and I would have liked more of mutilations, intestines and bloody slashes in it. However, it's a movie I think many great Gorehounds would appreciate - a really cool movie experience if you dislike porn and want to see someone get hurt by sin.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Directed by: David Quitmeyer
Written by: David Quitmeyer
Produced by: David Quitmeyer
Cinematography by: David Quitmeyer
Editing by: David Quitmeyer
Special Effects by: Catherine Crump, Ashley Rees
Music by: The Last Dance (Peter Gorritz)
Cast: Robert Williams, Jewels MacKenzie, Kristen Quitmeyer, Gabe Messer, Ashley Rees, Chris Spoto, Caroline Pierce, Albin Kinsey, David Kwitmire, Pete Arnold, Kreg Kearley, Roger Gobin.
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 30min

Distributor: Steel Web Studios