Directed by: Olaf Ittenbach
Written by: Olaf Ittenbach
Stars: André Stryi, Christopher Stacey... read more

Year: 1997
Genrer: Fantasy, Gore, Horror
Run time: 1h 46min
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

I felt like hopping in my time machine and go back to 1997 and something very awesome in my eyes. Cinematic beauty in the form of some really fucking insane exploits across time plus one hell of an insane gate crash on a party. We all know the bad motherfucker exploits of Satan and his kin BUT could they bring back Jesus?… no, they ain’t bad arsed enough. You know who can… motherfucking Premutos can, that’s who! Maybe the film doesn’t quite start out like that but my write-up for this masterpiece from the God of German Splatter Olaf Ittenbach does!

Yes, I will get this off the bat right now! Shock-O-Rama English Dubbing is well, you know, funky! But fuck, it works so well for this film. It’s like ridicules yet perfection, just as the gore here is perfecto. While typing this, I just had an epiphany. Never had my experience in German. Does it matter? Maybe I should hmmm... well anyway there is a lead up to the return of the original fallen angel and his need to rise up an army of the dead to destroy humanity.

Matthias has visions of experiences throughout history. Middle ages then WWII and so on. Hell he was there when Jesus was crucified on the cross. Also he has a bad experience at the dentists. But then don’t we all? Along with visions Matthias is quite accident-prone! After getting his Johnson injured in an unfortunate football match (man my old English mate would spit his chips right about now...) he is brought home to chill out in his bedroom to heal. Unfortunately his gung-ho Dad unburied a tome and some vile yellow liquid and decided to leave it in his room to read.

What happens when you have a container of vile yellow liquid and a wound on your Johnson? You spill said con-cock-tion on your…naturally! You also throw it out the window so the town drunk can drink it and blow up as well. All this happens whole appraising the depths of the tome.

Unfortunately for Matthias he is the reincarnated son of Premutos and got himself in some serious shit with his clumsiness! Transformation in quite possibly the most painful and gory manner occurs for our pleasure! Metal tubes, barbed wire kinkiness occurs and thus arises Premutos to rid the world of those pesky humans.

Meanwhile… in another part of the house none are the wiser as a party for dear ol’ Dad rages. Puke and snot balls are had amongst other delights for the celebrations. Conan Sword and Hand Grenade are given as hey what do you give to a guy who has everything! In another part of the house dear sister is getting the kinky on with her latest boyfriend. Bondage but not as gnarly as Matthias’ barbed wire and gore show!
Soon Premutos goes about his business and raises up an army of the dead. It’s thirsty business so they go to the local pub…for some blood, guts and gore! Insanity erupts as human flesh is torn apart and consumed. Soon the numbers of the army grows and they decide to gate crash the party. Hell, lets just say a battle for the ages begins. Somehow a tank arrives to blow the shit out of everything….this is the part where I go how the fuck did Olaf get a tank!

Premutos is an experience that needs to be had by all lovers of the gory as fuck arts! Olaf Ittenbach’s gory talent is beautifully show cased here! Along with the gore are moments of shear brilliance as we go through moments of stunned amazement on our journey to the rise of Premutos and his aim of creating bloody destruction.

Am I preaching to people who have never had their experience in Ittenbach madness? fuck I don’t know, all I do know is I have been obsessing over Premutos - Der Gefallene Engel for like…forever! Just seemed the perfect film to talk about in this edition of Goregasmic…because Premutos is the optimum of Goregasmic thus belonging in here with all the other insane audio-visual experiences held within!

Of having me share my experiences with one of my top three Ittenbach’s with you the reader! Keep supporting Goregasmic Magazine on it’s trailblazing ride into highlighting amazing cinema and heavy metal music!


Produced by: Anke Fabré, Olaf Ittenbach, Marc Lammers, Michael Müller, A.G. Striedl, André Stryi
Cinematography by: Michael Müller
Editing by: Ulf Albert
Special Effects by: Olaf Ittenbach, André Stryi
Music by: A.G. Striedl
Country: Germany
Language: German (English dub)
Color: Color

Distributor: IMAS Filmproduktion