Written by: Greigh Johanson.

The Swedish one-man project Plutonium consisted of John Carlsson, and Born Again Misanthrope was his third full-length album. Plutonium played Industrial Black Metal with some avant-garde tone in it and I've been quite honest about how monotonous and boring I think everything sounded before so I wanted to give this new work a sort of space and make it clear for you why I feel as I do.

Seriousley, there's no innovation in this part either. I can understand that he wanted to preserve the older type of soundscapes and try to find something own and unique in it. But then everything's just about clear atmosphere and structures, and that's kind of boring in the long run. The plot is very psychological and deal in large parts of the script around The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari together with misery, hopelessness, humiliation and violence.

But it suddenly becomes a little more interesting when it comes to certain musical aspects. Not only that it sounds like Satyricons "Vulcano" straight through (quite boring), but I also feel the vibes of another Norwegian band, namely Arcturus (quite good).

So in the end of it all this album falls like a sort of love-hate relationship in the whole. He has not been able to catch that promontory which I had completely loved, but at the same time I don't hate it. This is far more listenable than his previous works, and if I continue to listen to Born Again Misanthrope it will grow much larger, I'm pretty sure about that because there is always something new to find in it.

Mr John decided to split-up stright after this review and I haven't asked him why, but I believe he's ready to move on with something that might workout better. I hope this wasn't the last we heard from him, because I know that he has an artistic talent. But Plutonium wasn't my taste at all.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Band: Plutonium
Album: Born Again Misanthrope
Members: J. Carlsson - All instruments, vocals.
Produced by: J. Carlsson
Engineered by: J. Carlsson
Mastered: J. Carlsson, Erebus Odora Studios.
Recorded: between 2014-2015 in Studio Helvete.
Year: January 11th, 2016.
Country: Sweden
Runtime: 53min 02sec

Label: Independent