Directed by: Petter Baeistorf
Written by: Petter Baeistorf
Stars:  Airton Bratz, Elio Copini, Gisele Ferran,
           Cesar Coffin Souza, Jorge Timm

Year: 2010
Genrer: Gore, Horror, Short
Run time: 34 minutes
My rating: 3 out of 5

A short film production by Brazilian director Petter Baiestorf. The film was censored at several festivals (which is usually expected in Brazil). Petter have written the script behind a story that can easily be adapted to a typical regular movie ... but not in the hands of Petter of course. His style of filmmaking is to instinctively and dutifully create scenes of extreme violence and (not a small dose) of blood, but what's a bloodbath without naked screaming girls?

"Sweet Knife Advance" is a feminist gore-story of a cartoonist (Coffin Souza) who creates filthy series. He and his mistress Delicinha (Gisele Ferran) have just moved to a new city. His series is detected by the local population and creates a conflict with the city's inhabitants, as they are extremely religious and conservative - and that he declares himself as an atheist makes it even worse. Delicinha later learns to use sharp knives to avenge his lover who was assassinated by these religious fanatics (which is a mixture of Catholic and Evangelical Spirit with Muslims).

One could easily summarize the movie with a lot of naked, sex, blood and a lot of humor ... BUT, it's hard to understand what happens when much of the point lies in the movie's dialogue. There is no subtitle and the dialogue is in Portuguese and it's a shame as it's difficult to give the film a fair judgment. However, Petter Baiestorf is a very interesting director who has written and directed movies for many years. I really hope that he will release more of his works internationally with English subtitles, because this can be fun if you understand it.


Produced by: Gurcius Gewdner, Petter Baeistorf
Cinematography by: Petter Baeistorf
Editing by: Gurcius Gewdner
Special Effects by: Petter Baeistorf
Music by: Insekto
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Color: Color

Distributor: Canibuk