Written by: Richard Taylor.

In 1987 indie German art film maker Jörg Buttgereit releases a film so twisted, perverted and devious that it went down in the history of cinema as one of the most controversial yet inspirational films.  Nekromantik has a cult following and director Buttgereit is known as one of the premier indie horror film makers releasing a plethora of cult titles such as Der Todesking, Schramm and Nekromantik 2.  Buttgereit has also made comics including Captain Berlin and has even done a stage production about Ed Gein titled Kannibale und Liebe.

I think the most unfortunate thing about this comic even though its done with such a masterful eye to detail by Martin Trafford is the fact that Buttgereit mentions in the introduction that he no longer has the ability to make a film continuation of Nekromantik 1 and 2 due to the collapse of the international DVD market and the inability to get funding for his projects he has turned to this printed media form to get his sequel made.  Buttgereit does reassure readers to not be woeful because of his past work with Captain Berlin he has a passion for this format and is pleased to present Nekromantik on these pages with endless thanks to artist Martin Trafford.  Trafford has been doing art for T-shirts and movie covers for over 20 years, he is a freelance artist originally from the U.K. now residing in Australia.  Trafford's style is distinct, memorable and original so when you see his work you know its the real deal and not to be mistakened its that original.

This book has been in the works for a good 5 years and takes places twenty years after the events unfolded in the Nekromantik 2 movie.  The cover to this is awesome and uses the original Nekromantik logo from the movie but the art is inspired by an old 1950's  comic titled Weird Mysteries which was an old EC comics style book in the style of Tales From The Crypt/Vault Of Horror.  The story is written by Buttgereit and the artwork features a lot of nods to the earlier movies which fans will delight in finding whilst turning through the pages.  It also features a couple of great pieces at the end of the book with Flowers/Lung director and artist Phil Stevens who also distributes the book through Insomnia Collectibles doing an interview with Martin Trafford which really gives a lot of insight into how the comic came to be.

One of the most fascinating articles after the interview is a segment titled Did You Find Him by Graham Rae. The Did You Find him article is about Jörg Buttgereits journey to get to Plainfield Cemetery, the infamous resting place of Ed Gein who has inspired countless movies, books, music etc such as Buttgereit's Nekromantik, Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho plus Silence Of The Lambs and more.

The book is a big size for a comic, its a beautiful and passionate piece of work to hold in your hands! The story within is broken up into three chapters which are Son Of Nekromantik, Nekromantik's House Of Horrors and Bride Of Nekromantik. The story is a twisted myriad of equal parts mindfuck and eloquently drawn gore like Buttgereit has been known to produce in the past.  You think you know what's going on in the story when the pace changes and things are shaken up towards the conclusion.  A devilishly intelligent set up and delivery which I still hope makes it to a screen one of these days.  It translates so well onto these pages with Traffords animated ability to cross humorous and intriguing art structures with the grotesque gore the series is also known for so you get all the eye sucking, shovel decapitating and bathtub dismembering mayhem in full glory plus even a cool head lampshade obviously inspired by good ol Eddie Gein himself.  

Featuring tremendous talent, a refreshing format for comic collectors and horror fans alike Nekromantik #1 proves to be a worthy piece to be in any lust mongering necrophiliacs collection.  Pick this comic up from Insomnia Collectibles www.insomniacollectibles.storeenvy.com or contact Martin Trafford Traffart personally on Facebook where he'll personally sign a copy for you and check out his site http://traffart.wixsite.com/traffart where you can see all the stuff he has been working on.  Big thanks to Martin Trafford for this beautiful piece of comic book mastery.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Comic Book: Nekromantik #1 - 
International Edition
Released by: Weissblech Comics/ Kurio Comics in 2016
Editor: Jörg Buttgereit
Layout: Levin Kurio
Consulting Editors: Marte Kurio,
Santiago Ruiz, Fritz die Spinne
Cover: Rainer F. Engel after a motif by Bernard Baily.

Son Of Nekromantik
Written by: Jörg Buttgereit and Martin Trafford
Artwork by: Martin Trafford

Eddies Secret:Martin Trafford interviewed by Phil Stevens

Did You Find Him
written by:
Graham Rae

Inside Back Cover: by Half Human
Pin Ups by: Martin Trafford
Back Cover by: Martin Trafford