Written by: Mordvm.

Mm okey readers. Here they have laid up a band whose gimmick is to make some kind of black metal on the theme of the Moomins, they call themselves "Mumincunt" and yes .. At first glance, it may well be something fun on an idle evening. A sort of dark, melancholic bottling of Jansson's classic, perhaps? The intro "Morran wakes up..." is ridiculously simple, but quite effective and it manages to cradle the listener into some kind of hope that this course may be some nifty spin on Ulvers debut album "Bergtatt" .. But then.. the world completely explodes.

What the listener will experience during the next song "Fucked by a Moomin" (which already the title reveals that one should stay away from) is beyond this world. An attempt on the kind of black metal like vomit-inducing acts as Lifelover and Woods of Infinity comes to mind but on a absolute kindergarten level and without the very few elements that made them good or simply memorable in anyway. An experienced listener would notice quickly that this is an album entirely recorded with the app GarageBand (which actually is still a pretty cool feat for these fools, because they do obviously know how to use it) so the sound on both drums and guitars is something aforementioned bands would laugh at.

Whether it's the thought that this is total ploy or (God forbid) serious or not, plays little meaning where you're completely vulnerable to this fucking insane vile crap! Pubertal voice-breaking screams/vocals which sounds as if it were a response to the retarded kids who believe they are funny when they dub famous movie scenes on YouTube (Lord of the banned eg ..). Occasionally the singer sounded like a drunk obscure German Nazi-punk vocalist and it doesn't sound good. It always sounds the worst.

In Swedens nineties, there was a band from Stockholm called Unchaste, these three guys produced a new genre called "Dark and Evil Moomin-Slaying Monkey Metal". These made two demos between 1997 and 2000 where they sang about to slay Moomins and Smurfs. Unlike Mumincunt these genies were both charming and inventive full. They had poetic talent and could write proper and funny lyrics without making a fool of themselves. But Mumincunts lyrics isn't even poetry. There's an endless bloody gibberish of sexual words and all sorts of fluids. Is it done with finesse? Of course, as long as you think it's cool to hear two teenage guys who are arguing about who should fuck whose mother and whose father's cock to suck, then this is totally something for you.

I don't really feel like writing more about this shit, but it should be mentioned, however that I've probably never before destroyed and violated my ears in this way. Hands down, the worst I've ever heard!

Rating: 0.5 out of 5 Moomin cocks.

Band: Mumincunt
Album: Visor Från Muminskogarnas Mörker.
Members: Wildgoat V, Muminanal J, Muminpappaan D, Morranmaster W, Muminkiller M
Produced by: Mumincunt
Engineered by: Mumincunt
Mastered by: Mumincunt
Recorded: 2015 in Uppsala, Sweden
Year: February, 2016
Country: Sweden
Runtime: 43min 15sec

Label: Heathen Tribes