Written by: Laurent Tissier.
"THE FILM THAT'S TOO FAR AWAY! - UNSUSTAINABLE - GORISSIME - INCREDIBLE - EPROVANT" is the promise of the French underground film MALEFICIA announced on paper. What about when viewing the work? For answer on that, we must plunge back into the director's past ...

Nicknamed Dr GORE, Antoine Pellisier is considered the pioneer of French gore. Indeed he entered the profession in 1977 with "LE REFUGE DES MAUDITS" (30minutes), returns to the charge the following year in a short film of 14 minutes "AU COMBLE DE L’HORREUR", will follow in 1980 with "LE VAMPIRE CONTRE ATTAQUE "(12 minutes), and "DU SANG SUR LA NEIGE" in 1981 (10 minutes). In 1982, he made his first feature film in super-8 "LES PROIES DU MAL" with a duration of 2h and 52 minutes! It was that same year that he acquired his notoriety with a medium of film of 45 minutes entitled "FOLIES MEURTRIERES". With the latter, he will chain the awards starting with the Best Director Award at the 5th Amateur Fantasy Film Festival in Nice in January 1985. In April 1985 he won the Special Jury Prize in Cannes 10th regional competition of the federation of filmmaker. He finished by winning the Gore Film Award at the 2nd MAD MOVIES Festival in Paris (October 1985). Persevering and proud of what he did, he won the 11th regional film competition in Aix en Provence in 1986 with his title "L'ELUE DES ENFERS" (36 minutes).

MALEFICIA is released in 1998, it took two years and thousands liters of real blood, 500kg of bones, 500kg of guts and 250 actors to complete this task, but it will be another one year of post-production to actually see the film in its entirety! No need to wait long for the color of blood squirting under the knife of sacrifice and other multiple tortures. It follows 1:40 of debauchery of special effects more bloody than the others who making us forget the classic story!

The promise is unquestioned because never in France there was such an extreme films... Contrary to the French references of the genre that are "Grapes of Death" by Jean Rollin and "Baby Blood" by Alain Robak; "MALEFICIA" does not suffer from boring lengths, unnecessary nudities and other down times. Of course there are flaws: Actors are not always good at dialogues rightly because they are no real actors! They come from diverse backgrounds and for most of the patients of the director, general practitioner by profession. The vampire fangs are not very realistic unfortunately, but this is more of a budget than a technical story. All this does not prevent one from seeing a totally immersed actor, his eyes opened in the blood of beasts (killed the day before at the slaughterhouses) to rise with the hemoglobin dripping from all the facial orifices, a living dead with earthworms Coming out of the mouth or a young woman getting her eyes burned! This last deserves to enter the anthology of the gore so much it is realistic and atrocious! Controversy for the final that we like by its originality or we deplore the facility ... To each make his choice. The realization is worthy like true professional, the shots and the grain of the picture are so fluid and pretty that it looks like the Germans T.V..

The film is meant to be a mixture of Night of the Living Dead, Evil Dead, Dracula and The Exorcist for horror, butchery and gore because it remains always dark and serious without the Less point of humor. Gore movie lovers get their money's worth and don't get disappointed. For them the film doesn't go too far, quite the contrary they still ask for it... The others will go their way as it will undoubtedly be unsustainable for them!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Directed by: Antoine Pellissier
Written by: Antoine Pellissier
Produced by: Antoine Pellissier
Cinematography by: Antoine Pellissier
Editing by: Antoine Pellissier
Music by: ?
Special Effects by: Antoine Pellissier
Cast: Nelly Astaud, Guy Cicorelli, Brigitte Garrigue, Claude Gatumel, Nicolas Pellissier
Year: 1998
Country: France
Language: French
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 40min

Distributor: Pelissier Pictures Production.