Insomnia collectibles is a niche' entertainment store for rare and/or collectible items as well as things that may seem impossible to find. We stock independent films, limited or special edition versions of movies, specialty box sets, unique decor and house wares, and collectible toys. We also offer a locate service where we will free of charge, track down a rare or OOP item for you (most items we can find so long as there were a certain amount made regardless of where) and supply you with the location to obtain it, or our costumers are welcome to partake in the procurement service and we will physically obtain and ship the item you want to you through the store.

Clothing/T-shirt line-Insomnia has just launched a new department with exclusive items made specifically for Insomnia that you will not find anywhere else. We have obtained some of the MOST talented artists in the underground horror scene and have begun what we call "The Insomnia Collective"

We all love indie horror here and it just felt natural to bring people wearable form of the artists who's covers and art have support indie films all over. The series first launch of the collective has JUST been released as of August 8th, 2016.

Goregasmic Magazine has featured Joe, Jennie and Phil previously so we feel they should be the ones to show, for first time shown anywhere in the world, what Insomnia is bringing to the table.

The T-shirts will be printed in series sets every few months always with brand new designs you can only find at INSOMNIA COLLECTIBLES!

Joe Meredith:
- Joe has worked on miltiple independent film covers and inserts, T-shirts, and concept art for filmmakers such as Phil Stevens (Flowers and Lung II) and many others. His style is unique and identifiable and will bring tons of creativity to this endeavor.
Martin Trafford:
- Martin, much like Joe, has actually worked on countless films with cover art etc. as well as other projects that are simply too many to name. Martin has as comple-tely recognizable and incredible style about him. It wont take more than a few moments to immediatly identify his work witch such precision and imagi-nation... Martin also contributed to both Flowers and Lung II created by our next artist....
Phil Stevens:
- Phil is a film maker, a painter, a doodler, comic artist and scene setter all around. Each of his pieces show a purpose and your able to feel it even if you don't know how you feel about it. Phil flows free in his work using whats going around him to really convey a mood that may seem impossible to feel from a 2D image.
Jennie Murray:
- Jennie is no longer involved with the collective, but she has done pieces for musicians, magazines etc. Her style is a mixture of psychedelic meets neat line work and her end results always seem to pop off the page straight at you. She has moved on with her own production of Silent Goat instead.

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