HIDE (2017)

Review by: Richard Taylor.

Jason Koch has delivered two of my personal favorite indie films ever made with The 7th Day and Pig Pen. Before watching Pig Pen I had no expectations and had never heard much about the film. It gripped me to the edge of my seat and keep me intrigued throughout. I was in there with the characters, the violence and subject matter kept creeping up on me and the conclusion floored me. 

As you may know by now Pig Pen was a brilliant surprise and I was happy I watched it.  I went into The 7th Day excited and I came out of it just as pumped because it delivered a dose of savage wit, bloodthirsty satire and brutal gory violence and the characters were mostly all around scumbags, I loved it. I also have to give mention to his short film titled Lamplight which appears on The 7th Day release as an extra feature and is equally as impressive.

When I saw a post on Facebook that Koch had just finished up another film I jumped the fuck all over it. I had no idea it was a short film and I had no idea it was not horror genre related. I enjoyed Koch's previous work so much I didn't care what it was because his material never disappoints. I love all genres of film (to a certain extent) and if indie cinema is done right, its good no matter what and doesn't need buckets of blood splashing the screen, although I do have a love for gore movies, but it's not all that I watch. Hide delivers in its very minimal 10 minute running time and that is no small feat for any film maker no matter how experienced.

The challenge to create characters and to take those characters on a journey and make the audience care about what happens to them.  To unfold events and leave the viewer wondering what is going on and how is this going to turn out.  Hide accomplishes this and more with intriguing suspense and the fast pace is used to its advantage by keeping everything moving along and interesting.  The length is almost like a self editing or trimming the fat where you have this run time and you have to stick with it so you get across your message in the quickest and most concise fashion.  Hide works on all these fronts and beyond.

I really don't want to ruin the plot because Hide is a short film so to divulge a lot of info would make it pointless to seek this gem out for yourself.  We are introduced to the two lead characters Bryson (Alex Barone) and Malkia (Shante Deloach) who meet in a public park.  There is obviously a lot of tension between the two and quickly we see as they are harassed by a stranger that there is something much bigger going on than just a lovers quarrel.  I couldn't figure out what was going on but I was intrigued and it held my interest to see what, who or why the couple seem to be hunted and disliked by everyone they encountered.  In one scene they are chased by Nick (J.D. Brown from Hunters, The Cemetery) and Chris (Vito Trigo from In Furs and Pig Pen) in a heated pursuit as if the couple owed the two men something or did them wrong.

I started to think if the movie was trying to deliver some racial or political message and then as the conclusion wraps up its becomes quite clear as to why the couple or Bryson specifically is being chased and discriminated against.  I watched Hide a second time and picked up on more bits of info I missed the first time around and even spinning it for the second time I found myself still caught up in its vibe.  Hide left me wanting more and left me hoping Jason Koch turns this into a full length feature or releases more material soon because if anything Hide is a teaser or amuse bouche as they say in the culinary world, just a taste.  This ten minute short had me more stimulated than most 2 hour features and that alone says a hell of a lot because I watch heaps of stuff and when you stumble upon something fresh it leaves that impression on you.  Many thanks to Jason Koch for sharing this with me and if its any indication of what is to come then the future of indie film is going to be a much better place.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Directed by: Jason Koch
Written by: Jason Koch
Produced by: Wendy Campbell, Jason Koch and Alyssa Perper
Cinematography by: Victor Pancerev, Daud Sani, Bryan Sprow
Editing by: Jason Koch
Special Effects by: Kaleigh Brown
Music by: Leran Wang
Cast: Alex Barone, Shante Deloach, Vito Trigo, J.D. Brown, John W. Lawson
Year: 2017
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 10min

Distributor: Dire Wit Films