Written by: Richard Taylor.

Lots of controversy and negativity being associated with Plotdigger Films these days.  We have people who have funded Gutterballs 2 but never got the film and people who have pre-ordered and never received another film titled Big Fucking Monster or B.F.M. for short etc  Plotdigger  Film's distribution was definitely lacking and on top of all this the man behind the company Ryan Nicholson collapses due to a brain tumor and then undergoes major surgery and recovers with a vibrant new energy.  

Nicholson is back and all bullshit aside I have faith in the man to finish what he started by completing Gutterballs 2 and releasing Big Fucking Monster plus a couple of other nasty flicks including Cannibal Lipstick. I for one am excited as hell to see Plotdigger back and up to their old tasteless as shit style once again.  Films like Hanger and the original Gutterballs are Canadian indie classics and so utterly vile and disgusting I love them. Nicholson has a penchant for putting larger than life asshole characters in his films and a passion for some of the best looking practical effects and violent imagery on film.  You are always in for a good old time of extreme violence and perversion sprinkled with black tooth humor.

This cut of Gutterballs I was told by Nicholson is actually the movie within the movie Gutterballs 2 so its sort of a throwback to Lamberto Bava's Demons.  The first 47 minutes or so seems to be the rough cut of Gutterballs 2 and then the remainder of the movie shifts over to the More Dead Nude Girls short which was also recently released on DVD and Blu Ray which I also reviewed.  One difference I noticed was that the beginning of More Dead Nude Girls is actually used in this as the beginning of the Gutterballs 2 portion of the film where BBK is stalking a girl in the parking lot and gorily rips her open with a sharpened bowling pin on the hood of a car.

I have to say the 47 minute Gutterballs 2 portion of this was pure gold, I really enjoyed it and it reminded me of the shit Plotdigger became well known for. We get all the sleazy characters, lots of crazy and sick humor, great retro music and Ryan Nicholson himself playing three different roles which I thought was great.  Nicholson did a wicked job especially with Maurice, the horny and perverted peeping tom bowling alley cook. The gore in this is gloriously graphic and well done in this too, it pulls out all the stops as we get bashed in heads, electric knife carvings, bloody bowling pin vaginal insertions, split open body cavities and tons of gruesome shit bound to please the most jaded of gorehounds.

Ryan Nicholson himself steals the show like I mentioned before as the bowling alley cook Maurice who can whip you up a batch of his special "cummus" veggie dip any time and its "so salty" as one of the lesbian characters in the film exclaims eating it and Maurice says "just how you like it!".  I also love Maurice's glory hole he has made for spying on people in the bowling alley bathroom, its like this wretched old dry cum crusted hole with a drawn picture of a woman's face around it that he likes to dress up with lipstick before using, just fucking priceless shit.  Nicholson also plays another character named Monty, who is like a dimmed down pervert style character who offers no threat, just a regular paying patron who hits on the waitresses.

The story involves Stacy (Aidan Dee) whose sister was raped in the previous movie in that infamous pool table arcade rape scene.  Stacy now manages the bar in a bowling alley as a means to come to terms with what happened to her mother.  One of her employees named Kat (Kirsty Peters) decides to have a get together with friends to talk to Stacy's deceased family using one of those eight balls you'd see years ago where you ask it a question and shake it.  It just so happens that tonight is the anniversary night when all the bad shit happened years ago so everything was arranged in preparation.  Little does everyone know BBK is lurking and ready to strike again on the unsuspecting patrons.

I must admit the plot is goofy and is not the least bit plausible but the movie is a good time and it delivers great practical effects and a good dose of sick laughs.  Probably one of the more shocking scenes in the film involves actress Stephanie McFarland who is a plus size lady but obviously not afraid to show her naughty bits on camera, this was quite the scene and probably one of the most memorable featured on here. Like the intro credits says and starring a bunch of people who will regret this years from now.&

Heaps of thanks to Ryan Nicholson for being so cool to send this as I always wanted to see it and really enjoyed it, very happy he gave me the opportunity as it is a riot of a flick.  Looking forward to seeing Gutterballs 2 being finished and released upon the masses to enjoy.  Plotdigger is a great Canadian indie company who releases some of the best and twisted indie material so I want to continue to see it thrive once more.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Directed by: Ryan Nicholson
Written by: Ryan Nicholson
Produced by: Ryan and Megan Nicholson,
Bob Dixon and Adam Torkel

Cinematography by: Turner Stewart,
Dionne Copland, Megan and Ryan Nicholson

Editing by: Dr Tre
Music by: Rusty Apper
Special Effects by: Megan Nicholson
Cast: Ryan Nicholson, Aidan Dee, Kirsty Peters, Momona Komagata, Amanda Finnaore, Holly Pottie, Stephanie McFarland
Year: 2015
Country: Canada
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 8min

Distributor: Plotdigger Films